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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Guildford to Horsley


Length: 21km / 13m
Toughness: 4/10
Transport: Take the 9:27 from London Waterloo, arriving in Guildford at 10:09. There are frequent trains back to London from Horsley

From the description:

There are numerous fine viewpoints looking southwards from the North Downs escarpment, but less well known are the views to the north, where London can be seen in the far distance. This walk takes in both, starting with a climb over Chantries Hill and then carrying on to St Martha’s Church, perched high on the downs, You then descend to the village of Albury for lunch, though picnickers can miss out this descent and stay on the North Downs Way. From Albury, there is a steady climb up to Newland’s Corner, another popular viewpoint, before a wooded stretch along the North Downs Way. To finish, the walk descends through beautiful upland country to the north of the ridge, with views right to the distant City of London on clear days.


Anonymous said...

please give ticket info,ie separate lines or a return to where? also return times & stations are useful.

Walker said...

A day return to Guildford ("via Woking/Clandon", but this is the standard routing anyway) is valid for return from Horsley. Horsley is on the "slow line" to Guildford.

Unknown said...

If your doing a Walk Tomorrow. Well if you are going from a London Station. You just got to be Cautious at all times due to the incident at Westminster since last Wednesday.