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Sunday, 26 March 2017

A.A Milne country

Free walk, 29b Ashurst circular (short walk)

Distance 14.3km (8.9m); Toughness 4/10

Trains: London Victoria 09.53 to  East Croydon 10.09 then
            East Croydon 10.15 to Ashurst (Kent) 10.57

           Return trains at xx:56 to Hurst Green xx:15 then Hurst Green at 
               xx 26 to London Victoria

This attractive walk takes you through A.A Milne country on the borders of East Sussex and Kent. The lunch-time pub is the Dorset Arms in Withyham. There are no refreshment  stops near Ashurst station so you will need to stop for tea in Hartfield where The Pantry is worth a visit.  Download instructions can be found here . Click on b Short circular walk to get the walk directions. 

1 comment:

David Colver said...

Free walk 29b Ashurst circular, Sun 27 Mar 2017

This walk comes in short, medium and long variants. It was the short one that was specified in the walk posting but the medium one that everyone chose to do today. w=Sunny_but_occasionally_cool, with very little mud.

The n=6 broke into three pairs:
- one pair taking lunch at the Dorset Arms in Withyham, newly refurbished under new ownership and now distinctly upmarket: nearly £18 for a main course, beer and service charge, a price justified by the quality
- another taking sandwiches but succeeding in getting a table later on in the Piglet Tea Room at Pooh Corner in Hartfield, a feat not achieved by the first pair
- another taking sandwiches but deterred from attempting the tea shop by the evident busyness.

Pooh sticking is such a fixture at the bridge that there was a literal logjam of detritus below it obstructing orderly passage of a quite a proportion of the sticks.

The second pair could be seen some way ahead of the first pair, taking a turn away from the station at the final approach to the Medway and were never seen again. The instructions here have "Bear left and go alongside the meandering river for 800m, initially heading N.", but might be yet clearer if they added that the river should be to the walkers' right.