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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wednesday Walk - Guildford to Farnham (or Guildford Circular) with Hog's Back start

Book 2 Walk 12 b) - Guildford to Farnham with Hog's Back start

Length: 22.2 km (13.8 miles)  (Guildford Circular 13.6 km, 8.5 miles)
Toughness: start 6 out of 10 (initial steep ascent) but most of walk (both) 2 out of 10

Option to mix and match with other Guildford walks

London Waterloo: 10-15 hrs (Haslemere train)  CJ 10-22 hrs
Arrive Guildford: 10-50 hrs

Return Farnham to Waterloo: 28 and 58 mins past the hour
Return Guildford to Waterloo: four an hour

Rail ticket: if doing the Farnham walk, buy a day return to Farnham. Otherwise, a day return to Guildford

Your options for today - St David's Day and Ash Wednesday - include a longish walk to Farnham or a pleasant, shorter Circular walk around Guildford.  I suggest you all set out together on the Hog's Back start - a steep ascent but rewarded with panoramic views of Guildford.

Having descended from the Hog's Back you all head for Watts Gallery and Chapel, which will be familiar with walkers who ventured out on the Wanborough walk some five weeks earlier.  Those on the Circular walk now head  for the suggested lunch stop, the popular and usually excellent Withies Inn in Compton. Please phone ahead with numbers: 01483-421158.  The Farnham walkers part company with the Circular walkers at Watts Gallery and they head for lunch at the Good Intent pub in Puttenham Village: again, best 'phone ahead with numbers: 01483-810387.

After the Circular walkers have dined in Compton their afternoon walk is quite different to the Wanborough walk and takes them over farmland and into Loseley Park with a final leg beside the River Wey into Guildford, with its many tea and pub options.

For those heading for Farnham, you have a long afternoon ahead of you ( 8.7 miles) and you will need to maintain a healthy pace to make Farnham in daylight, but it is doable, and your route takes you over classic Surrey heathland, woods and commons, giving you a rewarding long walk.
Walk directions here L=2.12

Next Week Wednesday 08 March: SWC Walk 94 - Watton-at-Stone Circular


Anonymous said...

The "Download Walk (pdf)" button on the Watton-at-Stone circular walk page doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Andrew said...

try now

Anonymous said...

No change as yet, I'm afraid.

Sandy said...

I can't join you on Wednesday but if you're doing the circular version, make sure a stray dog doesn't follow you when you pass Coneycroft Farm (at option (a) paras 17-18). It's happened at least a couple of times, as David M knows.

Anonymous said...

Download button now fixed, thanks Andrew!

JohnL said...

N=14, Eight took the shorter circular option and six the longer linear walk ending in Farnham. W=cloudy_with_the_odd_spot_of_rain_from_time_to_time and generally better than forecast. Six of us had lunch at the Withies Inn which was up to its usual high standard of food and service. The circular walkers got back to Guildford quite early and four went for tea in the Debenhams Restaurant with its panoramic river view.