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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Fire! Fire! - at Museum of London

Discover London before, during and after the Great Fire of 1666 in an interactive exhibition marking the 350th anniversary of this infamous disaster. Did the great fire really start at Pudding Lane?  How did London cope with the devastation?  Come and find out more...

To book, please click here. Book 3:30pm slot.  Standard ticket £12, various concession available. Meet at the entrance to the exhibition at 3:25pm. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucilla,

Will there be some sign so we can easily spot each other? Booked ticket for the 3.30 slot Fire Fire exhibition.

Anonymous said...

There is no sign. But it should be quite obvious at the ENTRANCE to the EXHIBITION. There should be several people attending at least. Only on one occasion in the past, a walker went to the wrong meeting place hence missed the group. See you there. Lucilla