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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Haslemere Circular

t=1.22 Length: 14km (8.7m)
Toughness: 4 /10
Transport: Take the 9:30 train from London Waterloo, arriving in Haslemere at 10:20. There are frequent trains back to London.

From the description:
This short walk is through very beautiful countryside. It is mainly National Trust land - mixed woods with blackberries and bluebells and heathlands of bracken, gorse, heather and bilberry, with fine views from Black Down (280 metres/919 feet), the highest point in both Sussex and the South Downs National Park. It is particularly lovely when the rhododendrons are in flower in late spring, although the heathland is at its most colourful in late summer.


PeteG said...

I led this walk for the Ramblers a couple of weeks ago on a wet Saturday. There were only 5 of us, and we got fed in the pub, but a surprising number of tables were booked, so might be worth booking if you're a crowd.

The rhododendrons seem to have been drastically cut back (assuming I was where I thought I was). Might be worth checking that part of the instructions.

Anonymous said...

something like n=22 on this walk though I forgot to count at the station and others I asked hadn’t counted either but all guessed over 20
The weather was absolutely perfect all day for this with it being warm in the virtually w=continuous-sunshine with only a brief patch of cloud in the afternoon.
The highlight of the day for me was the view from the Temple of the Winds which was extremely clear and bright for miles - I have been here often before but this was the best time ever with still some autumnal colour around and views out to la manche
A very dry day with mounds of leaves, of various hues of browns, rustling underfoot, strangely added to the pleasure of the walk with numerous people commenting on it - maybe we all remember the normal muddy days of late autumn / early winter.
We all arrived at lunch at 11.40 so maybe we could have used a later train say ( 10.00 or even 10.30 ? )but luckily the Red Lion in Fernhurst was open and as another walking group just beat us there we had to queue for 15 minutes or so to get served. As we had made a courtesy call and warned the pub that we were coming we had tables reserved for us. The walking group ahead of us had to eat in the garden - rumour had it that they hadn’t phoned before hand. It was cold sitting outside so the picnicers left quickly but we inside in the warmth had to wait for our lunches so we spent something like 90 minutes there - my red mulltet and another in tomato sauce was very disappointing - I wonder if they have changed the chef since I was last here a year ago. Several made the choice of mulled wine or spiced cider with a free mince pie - not much good for the tea totalers - strange that it being a pub
Tea in Hemingways for about 9 of us was fine though they have rather loud music which they refused to turn down despite being politely asked TWICE
So the best day for walking and a perfect choice of walk but a bit on the low side for repasts - bon appetite for the next one
Soo Brique