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Sunday, 6 November 2016

A beautiful and tranquil Chilterns ramble.

Download walk 81. Chorleywood to Chesham

Distance 15.9km (9.9m); toughness 5/10,  some gentle gradients

Travel by Metropolitan underground  line from Baker Street 09.50  arriving at Chorleywood 10.31. (Alternatively and if it is more convenient you could take the 09.57 from Marylebone station arriving at Chorleywood 10.24.and wait 7 mins for the tube.)

Return journey: there are two metropolitan line trains an hour from Chesham at xx:23 and xx:53

Your best  travel bet is an Oyster card or contactless payment

The Chess Valley is one of the most beautiful and tranquil parts of the Chiltern Hills – which makes it all the more amazing that along its whole length it is never more than a couple of kilometres from the Metropolitan Line of the London Underground. This walk explores it thoroughly, starting in Chorleywood, whose station and common already have a very rural feel, and afterwards dipping in and out of the valley, with a number of fine panoramic views.

Your recommended lunch pub is the Red Lion at Chenies. No need to rush as it is just 6km into the walk. 

Click here for further details about the walk and the pdf tab for the full walk instructions.


Walker said...

A good report was also received recently of the Bedford Arms for lunch

PeteB said...

Thanks Walker; the Bedford Arms is just 200m down the road from the Red Lion

PeteB said...

n=5 on t his walk with the weather w=sun-then-cloud-then-rain-at-3pm. Also w=chilly-breeze.
3 were pub lunchers but 2 of us pressed on to the church at Latimer for a sandwich lunch and to try to get a head start on the rain which the weather apps were predicting to start at 1pm. We got back to Chesham at 3pm and were having a a coffee when the rain began. Hope the pub lunchers managed to avoid the worst of it.

This is a lovely walk, particularly the ridge stretch through Latimer Park where there are some lovely views. A fine walk to do at any time of the year and it has inspired me to do the full Chess Valley trail from Rickmansworth next Spring.

Finally, thanks to the generosity of local sponsors all the stiles have been replaced with kissing gates so a completely stile-free waqlk.