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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Third Walk

SWC Walk 176a - Banbury to King Sutton
Length: 23.2 km (14.4 miles). Toughness: 3/10
Shorter (standard) walk option from Kings Sutton: 17.2km (10.7 miles).

Catch the 9:40 from London Marylebone, arrives Banbury 10:36. (For Kings Sutton dep. Banbury 11:08, arr. Kings Sutton 11:13. To shorten your wait at Banbury, you may catch the slower 9:43 from Marylebone which arrives at Banbury 11:02) A day return to Banbury for the main walk starting at Banbury, otherwise a  day return to Kings Sutton.

Return trains: Direct from Kings Sutton 16:49, 18:49, 20:49, 22:20. Changing at Banbury 17:58, 20:17.

Lunch: The Cartwright, Aynho (after 10km), The Fox, Souldern (after 12¼ km), The Blackbird Inn, Croughton (after 16km).



DAC said...

Intend going.

Anonymous said...

n=12 walkers on this and the weather was bloomin awful with w=cloud-rain-teeny-weeny-sunshine
6 did the full walk and 6 did the Kings Sutton short version but we all met up at the Fox where lunch was had by 5 of us - the others opted for sandwhiches.
The fish was excellent as was the soup but the bread and butter that came with the soup left a bit to desired. The Fox was very quiet which is a great shame as they look and are a nice pub but I can't imagine them surviving on such low numbers for long.
Lovely walk and most got a train away from Kings Sutton around 5 pm whilst three of us finished with an excellent meal at the White Horse in Kings Sutton which was very good.
Wellfed 3 snoozing on the train

Anonymous said...

To add to Anonymous’s report: After a sultry, muggy morning – which included an interesting lesson from a thatcher on how to thatch a roof - the skies darkened, the heavens opened and thunder, lightning and torrential rain dogged us on exposed ground all afternoon. (I, who had overheated in the morning, welcomed this refreshing, if dramatic, change in the weather with, literally, open arms.) The long wait for the 2-hourly train ¬- next time it might be worth investigating whether tickets are valid via Oxford - was enlivened by some of us removing various sodden items of clothing, an aerobics class to warm up and the passing, at full throttle, of a glorious steam train.