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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Evening Walk – Stratford to North Greenwich: The Line - London's first dedicated contemporary art walk

Length: (up to) 8.4 km
(plus 3 stops on the DLR and a Thames crossing on the 'Emirates Air Line'-cable car)
[Bailout possible at Star Lane DLR/Canning Town tube stations (5.2 km walked distance) or North Greenwich tube station (before rounding the O2-Dome: 6.8 km walked distance)]

Meet 19.00 hours prompt outside Stratford Station, next to ‘Robert’, a heritage locomotive displayed on the station forecourt on the Town Centre side (i.e.: not the Westfield side)! [see the pdf directions for how to get there from your platform w/o fault]

Repeat exploration of The Line, a waymarked walk in East London (new as of 2015), which is split into three parts, and has about a dozen Sculptures displayed –  2 of which are new compared to last year -  all by prominent artists. The – slightly amended – route initially follows the River Lea, passes Three Mills Green, Water Mill (the largest tidal mill in the world) and Film and Television Studios (London's largest) and thena little further along The Lea – Cody Dock, an interesting community project on a former Gasworks site. After a short ride on the DLR (Star Lane to Custom House) we walk along Royal Victoria Dock and take the ‘Emirates Air Line-cable car across the Thames (£3.50 on Oyster Pay As You Go, £4.50 cash fare, closes at 22.00 hours this summer). The route then finishes with a stretch along the Thames Path rounding the O2-Dome, before turning to North Greenwich Underground Station and the neighbouring wide range of eateries and waterholes.

Swimming Walk !: there is a sandy beach at Royal Victoria Docks (all 50 meters of it) as well as an Open Water Swimming business hiring out wetsuits.

For a sketched map of the artworks en route click here.
For a detailed route map, gpx/kml file, photos and directions click here.

1 comment:

Thomas G said...

n=18 walkers today in w=balmy conditions, only a few of them being repeaters from last year. 3 bailed out at the two chances to do so, the rest finshed the newly revised route, with 2 new sculptures compared to last year.
Probably a bit late in the year for this walk (at least with a 19.00 start), as dusk was already well developed by the time we got onto the cable car, but the O2-dome and Canary Wharf arguably look better in the dark than during the day...
At the end, drinks for some, a meal at Wagamama for others...