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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Superb South Downs excursion

Download walk 90 -  Berwick to Seaford

Length 21.1km (13.1m); toughness 7/10 or short version 14.9km; 9.3m

London Victoria 09.07Brighton 10.06; then 10.12 Brighton (Platform 7) to Berwick 10.34

Return trains from Seaford at xx:27 and xx:57, changing at Lewes or Brighton for connecting trains back to London. (You can also catch a bus from just outside Seaford station to Brighton.)

A day return for Berwick should be ok for Seaford to Lewes

An early start for this superb downland walk offering climbs up two beautiful hills with panoramic  views.

See the walk’s pages here for  details about shortening the walk (catch a bus at Exceat) and the various pub lunch opportunities. Click on download walk pdf at top of the page for full walk instructions


Anonymous said...

Would a day return form Brighton be okay for this walk?

Anonymous said...

Thisweekswednesday walk seems to be missing from the page

PeteB said...

As far as I understand the intricacies of the ticketing system a day return to Brighton from London would not suffice for this walk. Perhaps one of our resident train experts could confirm?

Walker said...

No, a day return to Berwick is needed. This should be accepted for return from Seaford. The only other ticket one might try us a return to Seaford. I would say the distance from the point the lines divide (Lewes) is about the same. In any case Southern tend to be relaxed about such things and given their current operating record they have no right to be picky.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is there a walk this coming Wednesday evening? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I meant to write Wednesday day walk earlier, not evening. Thank you.

PeteB said...

n=12 on this walk on a glorious day for walking with the weather w= fine-dry-and-humid-with-a-cooling-breeze.
Most of the meet-up groups in London seemed to beheading for the South Downs and even at Berwick station there was another large group but we got away quickly initially enjoying the lowland paths although we had to do a detour at one point as a water company had dug a deep trench stopping access through a hedge. Still we ambled on stopping to admire the ancient yew tree at Wilmington before climbing up onto the Downs. We all took the easy route up although 1 member suggested the "haute route" (hon mention to Pia)
Sadly we split up at lunch because of the incredible slowness of the George pub- the sheer incompetence of some pubs serving food beggars belief! So the 6 sandwichers went ahead enjoying the wonderful scenery and enjoying a rest and drink at the incredibly busy Cuckmere Inn.
Finally the last superb leg along the cliffs at Seaford where one walker took snaps of
the cottage and beach which feature in the final heartbreaking scenes of the film Atonement and the classic "backward view" of the 7 sisters. At Seaford two had a quick dip in the sea, others bought teas and snacks at the beach-side cafe and we all caught the 17.27 train to Brighton to pick up a fast connecting - and over air conditioned train back to London. A superb days walking with the Downs looking splendid plus the usual range of anarchic chat. I hope the pub lunchers had no problems with navigation and enjoyed their day.