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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Penshurst manor and the rolling Kent countryside

Download walk 235a Penshurst circular

Length 13.7km (8.5m); toughness 3/10.

London Bridge 10.04 (East Croydon 10.22) Penshurst 11.02; direct return trains to London Bridge at xx:44

There is no record of this circular variant being posted before so lets give this gentle walk which explores the rolling countryside around Penshurst with its medieval manor house and formal gardens an outing.

Click here for more details about the walk and the lunch options.  Scroll down the page for walk options and click on a) for the directions for this particular walk variation.


Anonymous said...

Hoping to attend. Not good with directions. Will assist. Anyone else comming can please post a comment. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the lunch/afternoon tea arrangements/location?

Danny C said...

I am going to give this a try in the morning but will catch an hour earlier from London Brigdge.Seems a shame not to get an earlier start on what promises to be a beautiful day.

Stacey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

A couple of us are on a train from LB to East Croydon to see if we can get another connection.Will keep you posted.
- Candy

Anonymous said...

Hello, heading to east Croydon to pick up train to Penshurst but unfortunately it isn't until 11.21... does anyone have any suggestion of another walk we can do where we can pick up another train from east Croydon? Thanks

Anonymous said...

2 waiting for 11.21 at east Croydon. 3 others have diverted to do coulsdon south circular

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I came by car but no one is here.. Any suggestions where I could go from here?

Sean said...

Another day, another Southern train cancellation. Spotting this in advance I switched to Plan B, driving to Chiddingstone and setting off from there at 1130. I was eventually joined by three more who'd persevered and got to Penshurst by various means, up to an hour later than scheduled. A report elsewhere says that two more drove and did the walk at the appointed time, so at least n=6 walkers completed the course on a w=hot-and-humid day.

In contrast to other walks recently there were no problems with overgrown footpaths. The Leicester Arms was predictably busy at 1pm and the expensive (but good quality) lunches took a while to arrive, but it wasn't a day for rushing. It's hard to choose between the two excellent tea places in Chiddingstone but as the Castle grounds are open on Sundays we went to its tearoom, in a nice courtyard. A quick check revealed that Southern had still not managed to persuade a replacement crew to turn up on the Tonbridge line and the 1702 & 1744 were cancelled, so I expect the Little Brown Jug got some extra custom as the others waited for the 1802. A long day out for an 8½ mile walk...