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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Saturday First Walk Book 1 Walk - Henley to Pangbourne

TOCW1 walk 51 - Henley to Pangbourne

I remember this as being a lovely walk, which didn't get posted at all last year, and it avoids the current disruptions on Southern services.

Length: 11.9 miles (19.2km) rated 6 out of 10.

There is an option to shorten it to 8 miles, but this involves getting a bus to Reading from Cane End.

Travel: Get the 0943 from Paddington (Ealing Broadway 0951) changing at Twyford for the 1050 Henley train, arriving 1102. Buy a return to Pangbourne. Return trains are xx:17 and xx:47 (change at Reading for a faster train to Paddington). The Pangbourne ticket is usually accepted to Henley. An interesting one for rail ticket buffs, is whether you can get the later 0957 Henley train via Reading (2 changes arr 1102), which is the same fare?

Lunch: You pass three pubs on the walk, but the third, The Reformation, is about halfway, and according to its website does food from 12-3pm (it closes at 4pm). Anyone with a dog should go for the Unicorn.

Directions: L=1.51



Anonymous said...

Would like to join on Sat but not sure where to download directions! A bit of an IT duffer!

Thomas G said...

Click on 'Henley to Pangbourne', the last words in the posting, then click on the 'Walk Directions' tab on the site that opens up. And Bob's your uncle.

Anonymous said...

Number=20 Weather=sun-and-cloud-and-a-light-breeze
There were about another 12 walkers on the train so it looked like we were going to be a rather big bunch but they got off of the train with us at Henley and then went so only 20 of us thankfully
Some fast walkers at the front and others walking at their own pace meant for a number of little groups lunching in different venues
5 of us had lunch at The Reformation which was good (the fish and chips was rated very highly) and they were fairly quiet and we had quick and friendly service. A nice pub with a good garden and lots of room.
Tea at Lou La Belle was nice though not cheap and we were in time to check out the local organic supermarket and the charity shops
The walk is pretty with a variety of woods and fields and fenced in paths and only a steep hill in the afternoon so not really a 6 out of 10. The end is about 2K of road walking which is unfortunate but for some reason it seems impossible to get down to the river on the side that we were on so you walk parallel to it alongside fields filled with alpacas or llamas, I can't work out which ones they were – the young had very big heads
General Senseofduty

Anonymous said...

N=20 w=sun-and-cloud-and-a-light-breeze