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Sunday, 22 May 2016

A lovely walk in the Thames Valley

 Free walk 56b - Marlow Circular

Length 14.1km (8.8m); toughness 3/10

Trains 09.48 London Paddington (Ealing Broadway 09.56) arrives Maidenhead 10.28.
Then 10.35 Maidenhead (Platform 5b) to Marlow 10.58

Return trains to London from Marlow at xx:03 changing at Maidenhead (and possibly Slough)

This walk variation does not appear to have been done since March 2010 and makes an attractive Spring outing now that the ground has dried out.  You start out walking along the river and return across gentle hills enjoying the splendid Thames valley scenery back to Marlow.

Your lunch stop is in Cookham and there are a number of  pub and café options so take your pick . (see walk instructions for your choices) Marlow has a number of excellent tea places.

You can find more information about the walk and full walk instruction  in the pdf  here.
You have to navigate your way around the walk instructions a bit but first you scroll down to Section b) on page 7 and take it from there.

There are options to extend the walk if you wish 


Anonymous said...

Weather forecast for Marlow much improved. I'm going.

Ian T said...

7 turned up for this, one of whom disappeared mysteriously soon after the start, so n=6 Some expressed intent to walk on to Maidenhead but in the end at least 4 returned to Marlow. w=humid-variously-overcast-and-sunny