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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday Walk 1: Luv u Dearly, Off to Ely

Ely Circular 
SWC walk 118
17.7 km, 11 miles (with options to shorten)
Difficulty 1 out of 10
The walk starts off along the River Ouse then goes through the reclaimed land south of the former ‘Isle‘ (on raised embankments so no wet tootsies). Later, after crossing a WW2 airfield, you return though the historic cathedral city itself, passing two Ely landmarks, the Cathedral and Oliver Cromwell's House. It's Valentines Day, so look out for this heart shaped puddle. Maybe it will reappear. And maybe you'll see the face of your one true love in it. Maybe.
Trains: Get the 10:15 Ely train from Kings Cross (arriving 11:22)
Trains return from Ely at xx:58 (fastest, direct) and xx:04 (requires change at Cambridge)
Lunch : The Village Inn, Witchford  01353 663763.  Carvery only on Sundays so, presumably, no veggie options.
Tea: There are many tea places in Ely. The sedate, genteel Almonry, off Forehill, is recommended, it is open till 5. Also on Forehill, a micropub, the Drayman’s Son (formerly the Liberty Belle) sells specialist locally brewed beer.
Ely Cathedral is open till 5:30 and is free to visit on a Sunday – though I'm sure they would appreciate a donation. It's worth a look.
Oliver Cromwell's House is more or less as he left it, apart from the introductory film, audio tour and lifesize animated dummies. They do a bit of a 'Dear Leader' on him (not so bad, liked a knees-up, didn't ban Xmas, etc. etc) Open 11 till 4 (last entry 3) , admission £4.90
Directions and Maps available here 
This is a map-based walk with limited instructions so some degree of proficiency with a map and compass is advised. The full walk is suggested. The shorter options miss out Witchford and the lunch pub. Though I dare say you could find lunch in Ely......


Jane from Kew said...

What fun! Hope to attend.jfk

Karen said...

Given the day that's in it, let me misquote a famous line from a rom-com: You had me at 'lifesize animated dummies'.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone can translate that from the American? Is anyone intending walking this walk?

Karen said...

Two friends and I intend doing this walk. I will definitely be going because I have just invested in the OS map so need to get my money's worth.

delia's barmy army said...

How fabulous to have an airport named after you. I am just a poor boy though my story's seldom told.

Pia said...

I am looking forward to join this walk too and I'll bring my trusted GPS with plenty of batteries. Ely Cathedral is a magnificent cathedral with far reaching views from its roof, in good weather, and indeed plenty to see in- and outside. Did you know it has a 'pied-a-terre' in London? In Ely Place, where else, there is still a chapel formerly part of the Bishop of Ely's Palace, called St Etheldreda's
for more info: well worth a visit and if you like choral singing, go on a Sunday during Latin mass.

Sadly Cromwell is hibernating and you will need to reach his house by 3pm in order to get inside; you would have to take an earlier train and skip lunch; better go another day and spend a day in Ely.

Karen said...

n=10 w=sunny_and_cold

10 walkers off the train at Ely. Cold, but sunny mostly, a little bit overcast for a while before lunch. Not much mud. Most of the walking in the morning on raised banks and in the afternoon, quite a bit on paved surface. A non-strenuous walk, flat, walked at a leisurely pace today. Not much of topographical interest, I'd say, but pleasant nonetheless.

Lunch stop at The Village Inn, Witchford. A quick glance at the plates of those already dining and I thought, 'I'll have what she's having'. First area they tried to seat us in wasn't great (nobody puts SWC in the corner), but then they quickly found us a couple of tables that could accommodate everyone. Friendly staff, good value carvery, with self-service vegetables and trimmings, but probably not great for non-meat eaters or anyone with a small appetite. 7 had full lunch, one picnicked, others had drinks.

Ely is a really lovely town and the cathedral is magnificent. Evensong had just begun when we arrived and some of us lingered to hear the beautiful singing. Some left for the train, five had tea and cake at the Almonry right next to the cathedral. A quick walk around town confirmed that there are a number of other tea and drinks options. Then on to the station where we bumped into one walker who had enjoyed the whole evensong service. The 17:58 train back to London.

Thanks to our Dear Leader and Pia and her magic machine for keeping us on track.