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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Saturday First Walk Pangbourne Circular

TOCW1 Walk 4 Pangbourne Circular

This walk starts with a stretch of the Thames Path and then moves away from the river for an easy walk through Oxfordshire woods and fields. You will need the download instructions to get to the lunch pub, as the pub in the book is closed.

Length 8.5 miles (13.6km) 3 out of 10

Travel: Take the 0942 Oxford train from Paddington (0950 Ealing Broadway) for a direct train to Pangbourne (1101), or the 1003 Hereford train, changing at Reading for the 1053 Oxford train arriving Pangbourne at 1101.
Return trains are xx17 and xx47 with the option of changing at Reading for a faster journey to Paddington.

Lunch: is the Sun Inn at Hill Bottom. (Food 1200-2.30)

Tea: As well as the options in the instructions, the Ferryboat Inn has been recommended.



Anonymous said...

re pub lunch: where shall I download the direction? Any link would be helpful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

In response to the comment below
To get the link clkick on the walk number which is in the header on this walk where the w3alk number is listed as 1.4 just after the walk posters name PeteG and just before Add Comment

PeteG said...

n=17 A good group with fine weather, and friendly reception in the Sun Inn.
We decided that the instructions have a mistake in para 21, turn left uphill onwards needs removing.

We also took a different route after the pub, turning right and walking down the road to the B471, crossing it and joining the main walk at para 48. Also the GPX needs updating which I will do.