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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Gentle amble in the Chilterns

Book 3 Walk 36

Amersham Circular

Length 13.5km (8.4m); toughness 3/10

Trains: it is recommended you use London Underground Metropolitan Line from Baker Street and take the tube nearest to 10am to Amersham. This walk can be done with an Oyster Card or a Zones 1-9 travel card.

A pleasant and undemanding Chilterns walk with a number of lunch options in Chalfont St Giles.  See here for more information about the walk and full walk instructions.


Anonymous said...

are we meeting at Amersham station then ? good to have a meeting point..

Sean said...

There's a Metropolitan Line tube from Baker Street to Amersham at 10:05, arriving at 10:55. I guess that's been recommended because it would allow people to join from a number of intermediate stations in north-west London. If you take the faster Chiltern Railways service from Marylebone at 9:57 (arriving Amersham at 10:32) you might be able to grab a coffee while waiting for the others.

River Lady said...

n=3 w=damp_and_dull Light rain in the morning, dry in the afternoon. Alas, this did not apply to the wet mud which was an almost permanent feature of this walk. Three set out from the station, missing the monument but eventually locating the right path. One went on ahead and wasn't seen again. Two had lunch at Merlin's Cave in Chalfont St Giles which was pleasant but a bit pricey. The Crown is now a Costa Coffee and the Feathers is currently closed for renovation. After navigating even muddier fields with large puddles in places, two enjoyed tea, teacakes and scones in Amersham before the final climb back to the station.