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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday Walk 2: A classic chilterns walk

Princes Risborough to Great Missenden  Book 1 walk 45
15.7km  9.8 miles
Difficulty 5/10

Sloping fields, beech woods, two steep bits (one avoidable), fine views and maybe still some chances of late autumn colour. The Gate Inn is friendly and popular with walkers.
Trains: get the 09:40 Banbury train from Marylebone, arriving Princes Risborough at 10:25.
Trains return from Great Missenden at xx:01 and xx:31.
The stations are on different lines. A return to Aylesbury covers both journeys.
Lunch: is at the Gate in Bryants Bottom 01494 488 632
There is a later pub, the Polecat.
Tea: Any twits out there, this walk's for you. The tea stop is Cafe Twit, attached to Great Missenden's Roald Dahl museum, last orders 4:45. There's another cafe on the station platform that reputedly stays open late. And let's not forget the Cross Keys pub. (I don't know what's made the keys cross, perhaps they're just easily rattled). The other pub mentioned, the George, has closed.
Directions: Get your directions here - or in Book 1.


PeteG said...

I've used a different route from Spleen to the pub and from the pub afterwards to continue the walk, reasonably obvious from the map as I think the pub is where the telephone symbol is.

Ian T said...

N=18 on this, plus another 6 walking independently. W=dry-chilly-some-sun The dreaded m-word was in evidence during today. The monosyllabic slippy m-word, that is. Particularly in the early fields. And touches of ice too. But nothing we couldn’t cope with. Hurricane Barney had seen off most of the the autumn colour. The occasional russet sprig here some gold leaves there and that was it. There were enthusiastic mumblings about the quality of the holly berries but I didn’t notice. The Gate seemed fine. Some sat inside with the roaring fire, I sat outside with the hardnuts. I can’t comment on the food but the beer was OK. After a switchback of an afternoon, we were back in Great Missenden for 3.30. Cafe Twit for most, Cross Keys for me.
A good day and, I think it’s safe to say, an enjoyable one.