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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Midweek Day Walk - Penshurst to Leigh

Penshurst to Leigh omitting Hoath Corner

The Eden valley, Penshurst Place and a nice hotel/pub for lunch.

Book 3* Walk 92

* online only
Length :  9 km or 5½  miles

Toughness :  2 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:33 am train from London Cannon Street  to Penshurst.  Change smartly at Tonbridge from platform 3 to 1 for the short journey to Penshurst Station.
Calling Stations:
  • London Bridge: departs 10:37 am
  • New Cross: departs 10:43 am
  • Orpington: departs 10:56 am
Meeting point : Penshurst Station at 11:27 am

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Penshurst

Brief Description

This is the short walk version, but if the weather is good, I'm proposing to extend it slightly to pass through Chiddingstone, joining the Hever to Leigh (Book 1 Walk 19 route there).
(The Rock Inn on the Hoath Corner loop is having it's kitchen renovated, hence dropping that section of the walk)
You may find full details of this walk here

Suggested Lunch stop

The Leicester Arms Hotel in Penshurst Village t: 01892 871617

Suggested Tea stop

The Fleur De Lis Pub in Leigh is shut between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.  So given the fairly short section from lunch at Penshurst to Leigh Station, I asked to be excused for not posting a tea stop on this occasion.

OS Map

OS Explorer : 147

Return train times

Trains return from Leigh at the following times ...

15:44 to London Cannon Street (Platform 2 and change at Tonbridge)
16:23 to London Victoria (Platform 1)
16:46 to London Victoria (Platform 1)
17:25 to London Victoria (Platform 1)
17:39 to London Cannon Street (Platform 2 and change at Tonbridge)


Chris L said...

I'm sorry to be a subversive, but I'd like to propose an earlier start and a longer version of the walk. Wasting limited daylight hours with a late start seems unnecessary. Off-peak fares are available from 9:30 and most railcards can also be used from that time. Even for network railcard holders the saving on this journey by travelling after 10:00 is very small.

Five and a half miles is unsatisfyingly short for a day walk, even with a minor extension. There's no need to avoid the Hoath Corner loop, since the Rock Inn is still providing excellent light lunches during its kitchen renovation, as several SWC walkers found recently.

So I propose catching the 09:44 train from London Bridge to Penshurst (no changes), arriving at 10:39 and doing the main walk (15.5km). Or you could get the 9:30 train from Charing Cross and change at Tonbridge to reach Penshurst at 10:27. Does anyone else fancy doing this?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i would like to walk on Wednesday and really do not mind which version! Just post a decision by Tuesday if that's OK!

Anonymous said...

I intend to catch the 09:44 train as proposed and do the 15.5km walk.

Anonymous said...

Will take the 10.45 from London Bridge so that I don't have to change trains. Will arrive 10 minutes after the group and hope to join your table at lunch in the Leicester Arms hotel so please keep a seat for me, preferably not beside the farting dog. Looking forward to Wednesday. The Lunch Monitor.

Anonymous said...

hey! all mammals fart..

Anonymous said...

since everybody does their own thing anyway in this club is there any point in formally posting a walk ?! feel quite sorry for the poster.

Mike A said...

A message from this walk's poster
I've just caught up with all the comments against this walk and I'd like to reassure folks that this walk will go ahead as it is posted (I am intending to come).
There is another lunchtime eatery in Penshurst, The Porcupine Pantry serving hot and cold light menu choices, with sweet pastries and savoury items baked on the premises.

If I may turn to ChrisL comment, I would strongly suggest that those who wish to propose changes to any posted walk, discuss the matter off-line with the poster to avoid confusion.
In this instance, Chris could have simply commented something along the lines ...
"I'm intending to catch an earlier (9:44 am) train from London Bridge in order to do the Hoath Corner Loop as well. If anyone wishes to do this longer walk, they are welcome to join me"

Chris L said...

My apologies, Arthur. It was discourteous of me not to consult you. But since I was proposing a significant alteration to the posted walk, I thought I should explain my reasons for doing so, rather than just post a brief comment of the sort you suggest. I believe my objections to late winter starts and ultra-short walks are sensible. But in order to avoid fragmenting the group, I will withdraw my proposed variation to what you posted and will not be coming on any version of the walk this Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with not fragmenting the group by suggesting alternatives, as it can deter people from going, not knowing who will turn up where. also it is unappreciative of the walk poster & his choice, & the effort he makes on our behalf.

he is actually very receptive to suggestions, if you speak to him directly on a walk.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to doing this lovely walk and hope to take the late train from charing Cross. jfk

Wendy Gibson said...

Hello Chris,
I would be happy to go on the longer walk. Our printer is not working again. Will you have printed directions?

Peter Gibson

JohnL said...

N=12 plus a dog. 10 at the station, 2 started earlier for a longer walk and joined us for lunch. w=cloudy_with_patches_of_sun. A pleasant stroll, quite muddy in places. Leicester Arms Hotel was welcoming, food varied and reasonably good. Hot drinks and biscuits from a convenience store in Leigh substituted for afternoon tea near the station.