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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Saturday First Walk - An easy Chilterns walk

Book 2 Walk 4 - Chesham to Great Missenden
Length: 15.5km (9.6 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

9.42 Metropolitan Line train from Kings Cross (9.50 Baker Street) to Chesham, arrive 10.45

Best ticket: a zone 1-9 (yes NINE) travelcard, which you can buy from London Transport ticket offices (or presumably machines), but not usually from British Rail ones. You can get a Network Card discount on this, but only if you buy it from a ticket office (admittedly, hard to find one open these days), not from machines. This travelcard can also be bought up to a week in advance (though some ticket office staff are incredulous of this fact).

Then buy a single from Great Missenden to Amersham for the return journey.

You can also use Oyster to Chesham but then you have to either pay the whole single fare from Great Missenden to Marylebone on the way back, or get out at Amersham to tap in and then wait 20 minutes for the next tube train.

For walk directions bring book two or click here.

Its length means this pleasant and undemanding Chilterns walk is often confined to the winter months, when paths, especially in the afternoon, can be rather muddy. But that is a pity, as it has many charms and should make a nice easy outing for this time of year, when paths are a lot drier (even if it rains this week as forecast: evaporation rates are still pretty good and rain soaks away quickly into the dry ground.)

The morning is particularly scenic and you have the prospect of a pub serving Italian food for lunch that has always been popular with SWC walkers (in winter we don't usually get to try out its garden, however, supposed to be nice). In Great Missenden the lovely Cafe Twit is a great tea stop if you can get there in time.

Trains back from Great Missenden are at 19 and 49 past till 19.19, then hourly at 19 past.

1 comment:

Arthur Dent said...

n=9 on this walk with w=blue_skies_and_a_warm_sun. Delightful Chilterns scenery passing an Ostrich farm in the morning and then lunch in the gardens of the Cock and Rabbit.
The Twit Cafe at the end of the walk provided great value refreshments to most of the group before they headed of to the station, some visiting the Banardos charity shop en route.
One walker was able to perform the Amersham "Touch in Manoeuvre" which involved a dash off the train at that station, followed by an out then in barrier circuit and a leap back onto the train.(I understand this stops a user's oyster card acquiring a maximum charge for the day)
Other walkers on the train were suitably impressed