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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hever to Ashurst

Hever to Ashurst

The High Weald on the Kent/East Sussex border

Book 3* Walk 175

* Online only

Length : 16 km or 10 miles

Toughness : 4 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:08 am train from London Bridge to Hever

Meeting point : Hever Station at 10:50 am

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Ashurst

Brief Description

This walk takes in a quiet part of the High Weald near the borders of three counties: Kent, East Sussex and Surrey and you may find full details  here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Fountain  t:01342 850528 at Cowden

May I ask you to note that The White Horse Inn at Holtye is permanently closed  

Suggested Tea stops

Perryhill Orchards (about an hour before the end of the walk to Ashurst)
As well as the Tea Room, there is a farm shop, traditional farm butcher and a fireplace centre which manufactures hand-made fireplaces.  
Not the kind of article that will fit easily into one's rucksack, but nevertheless an interesting place to visit if you're looking for ideas. 


OS Explorer : 147 and 135

Return train times

Trains return from Ashurst to London Bridge at the following times ...

15:55 | 16:55 | 17:53 | 18:54  - Victorians and Clapham Junctioneers may change at East Croydon


Anonymous said...

looks like horrible downpour on Wednesday unless it changes.. anyone going on this ?

Anonymous said...

If the weather forecast improves I hope to do it.

Anonymous said...

I am planning to do the walk whatever the weather.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the weather for Ashurst, it's not as bad as it initially seems; things brighten up by 10am and there are just a few showers late afternoon.

Arthur Dent said...

I'm planning on checking out my new waterproof on this walk.

Anonymous said...

get urself well covered then Arthur! accordin to bbc its going to pour all day..

Anonymous said...

For anyone wanting to travel from Clapham Junction in their goloshes and macs and wellington boots there is a train from clapham at 10 08 to East Croydon. there you need to change and get the 10 23 to Hever . Only 6 minutes changeover time jfk

Marion said...

Sorry guys but I won't be joining you today. Ive been twice recently with other groups and its very pretty. Last time however on a SWC walk it rained quite gently and no-one kept dry because their jackets were inadequate and several walkers had to drop out at lunchtime. Heavy rain, gusting winds and thunder storms will require the best of waterproofs so don't chance it unless you're fully equipped! Good luck

Arthur Dent said...

n=5 hardy souls on this walk (some might say daft b***ars). The rain arrived as advertised, but was generally light with little wind.
The Fountain at Cowden was homely with excellent food and the only serious rain of the day came and went as folks ate under the glass roof of the conservatory.
As we left Cowden, an untended allotment provided foragers with an abundance of wild raspberries. There was a little excitement walking through a field of bulls and calves, but no one came to any harm despite the frisky nature of the bovines.
Peryhill Orchards provided a for a welcome tea and cake stop and rumour has it that one walker purchased a fireplace in the adjoining fireplace centre, whilst others purchased cider in the farm shop.
The rain cleared as the group approached Ashurst to catch the train back to London Bridge