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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Midweek day walk -Laindon Circular

Laindon Circular

A gentle walk through the Essex countryside with lunch at Hordon-on-the-Hill

Book 3* Walk 114   

* Online only

Length :  13.5 km or  8.5 miles

Toughness : 2 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:10 am train from London Fenchurch Street to Laindon

Calling stations are:

  • Limehouse 10:14
  • West Ham 10:19
  • Barking 10:25
  • Upminster 10:34

Meeting point :  Laindon Station at 10:44

Tickets : Buy a Cheap Day Return to Laindon

Brief Description

An easy walk not far from the metropolitan sprawl in an apparently surprisingly scenic part of Essex, you may find full details  here and a Kindle download here

Suggested Lunch stop

The Bell Inn  t:  01375 642463

Possible Tea stop

The Four Seasons

Another option may be to travel back to Fenchurch Street and take tea in one of the many cafés near to the station.


OS Explorer : 175

Return train times

Four trains an hour return from Laindon to Fenchurch Street, journey time is about 30 minutes 


Anonymous said...

anyone done this walk? tell all pls

Anonymous said...

It is a mice walk, worth doing. First and last quarter are very un-Essex-y, gentle hills and varied landscape. Before and after lunch some big arable field and pylon country but a gorgeous lunch pub, a real highlight (leastways, it was two or three years ago. Minimal to no tea options. Late tea at Fenchurch Street perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Hoping to attend but have gone a little weak after having flu.

Thomas G said...

n=13 w=sunny_with_a_breeze
11 off the posted train, 2 off an earlier one, who then took "shortcuts", yet got to the pub after the main group...? Nice walk, good views into the Thames Valley and later back to London, mercifully dry and therefore easily walkable arable fields, a scattering of fine woods and rolling hills, and a superb lunch pub (Michelin recommended, therefore near full).
The directions largely held up despite being only skeletal and a few years old, bar the odd change in fencing, gates, field shapes, re-aligned right-of-ways, overgrown paths etc.
2 walkers explored a potential variation near the end to Dunton Plotlands NR (incl. a fine info centre with refreshments). More alterations are possible in the morning part to integrate more of the woods and Nature Reserves in the area. Expect a re-write of the walk sometime soon...

PeteB said...

Towards the end of the walk there is a nice variation to the main route and I'll wtite something in the walk comments.

Marion said...

Thanks for your walk reports guys. Sadly i was unable to join you due to an injured knee which requires a rest from hills and climbing stiles. Pulled ligaments. It would be good to have the walk directions written up in Club format which I could walk check in due course with walking friend who lives in Essex.