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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Midweek day Walk - Farnham to Fleet

Farnham to Fleet

Farnham Park, Caesar’s Camp, Beacon Hill, Bourley Reservoirs, Gelvert Stream and Fleet Pond

Book 3* Walk 160

* Online only
Length : 16 km or 10 miles

Toughness : 4 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:00 am train from London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour, changing at Woking for the Farnham train (both trains are currently advertised as arriving/departing platform 5 at Woking)
Clapham Junctioneers should catch the 10:00 am train direct to Farnham (they will be joined by the Waterlusians at Woking)

Meeting point : Farnham Station at 10:55

Tickets : The arrival and departure stations are run by the same company, but the line branches just after Brookwood. So I would suggest you seek advice from the ticket office if time permits, else buy a Cheap day return to Farnham and be prepared to buy a single from Fleet to Brookwood if required. ( Train monitors please edit if you know better! )

Brief Description

You may find full details  here and a Kindle download here

Suggested Lunch stops

Possible Tea stops

Fleet Town Centre is about a mile from the station, however there's a Pizza bar nearby at


OS Explorer : 145

Return train times

Trains return from Fleet station at the following times ...

16:40 | 16:54 |17:10 | 17:19 | 17:40 | 17:54 | 18:10 | 18:40 | 18:54

Faster trains are bolded


Anonymous said...


Mike said...

Anybody want to continue to Blackwater station for the full walk? - the latter part is complex so never gets scheduled, but a good walk in my biased opinion!

Marion said...

Mike I requested this walk and intend coming as this is excellent territory full of variety.

It does need some attention to the walk directions as people have got lost even on the early section during previous outings. If you're coming Im sure we should get round a bit quicker than my treck through the forest to Fleet station in the dark and pouring rain so lets keep fingers crossed for dry weather and see how the time goes.

Mike said...

Thanks Marion

By not doing the detour to Ewshot you save some mileage and the full walk becomes more feasible. As I said last time I've done the walk to Fleet on numerous occasions so I'll probably only bother if there is someone doing the whole walk. (Fleet to Blackwater would make for a good shorter winter walk some time).

Marion said...

Rats- can't attend now as need to go to trade fair at Ally Pally.

Mike said...

Unfortunately I can't now do this walk owing to a regular Weds commitment.

Do be careful to follow the directions for the steep descent from Beacon Hill (paragraph 12). I'm not sure how accurate the map is on this section (between points 2 and 3 on the map).

Anonymous said...

oh no Mike is not going.. anyone else going with a clue about the route ? otherwise M & manxy pants are dropping out.

Marion said...

This walk was severely delayed due to the incident at Surbiton and cancelled trains all morning plus the power failure on several tube lines. 3 people did attempt the walk and tried to make Blackwater but were still out to well past 7pm. The walk directions were again extremely challenging even with one walker with a GPS but it was agreed that the amazing scenery and variety of remote terrain are worth the effort if enough people with maps and GPS can take part. Hats off to those who attended.