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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Saturday First Walk - Ockley to Warnham

Saturday First Walk Book 1 47 Ockley to Warnham
T=1.47Length 16.5KM (10.3 miles)
Toughness 3 out of 10

For walk directions, click here

Get the 0931 from Victoria to Ockley (Clapham 0937 - Horsham train) arrives 1036. Buy a day return to Warnham. 

Return trains are xx08 direct to Victoria and via Horsham xx41. Note that the last direct train back is 1808 and the last train is 1841 via Horsham. 

"This is a beautiful walk through an unspoilt country­side of fields, woods and gentle hills. In this sleepy corner on the Surrey-Sussex border it seems as if nothing exceptional has happened through the ages. You go through no bustling towns, pass no grand country houses and there are no particularly interesting historical events to relate. Just mile after mile of oak woods and rural delights." Note that there is no evening service on this line.

The suggested lunch place is the Scarlett Arms pub in Walliswood. This is a small, walker-friendly, pub with a garden for sitting outside in the summer. I still remember the warm welcome I got, arriving dripping wet one winter Wednesday.
An alternative is the equally homely Punch Bowl pub in Okewood Hill. 

The suggested tea place is the Sussex Oak in Warnham. It is 1.4km to the station from the village of Warnham, but there should be plenty of time for a drink in the garden before the last train.

OS Map Explorer 134 &146 Landranger 187


Dirk said...

This is a lovely walk. Last time I walked it I applied these corrections/simplifications to the walk instructions:

3. ... field beyond. Cross the field to the edge of the wood opposite and turn left along the wood.
5-7. ... village of Ockley. Follow the path into the wood until a car wide track crosses. To the left there is a small footpath entering the wood opposite. After 45 metres by a cypress tree ...
10-11. ... In 40 metres go over the river [4] and turn left. Follow the track as it curves ...

I think Horsham is only another 1.5 hours' walk away from Warnham from where there are many more and later options to return back to London by train. A torch would be advisable for this attempt.

Enjoy !


Dirk said...

About n=12 walkers. The weather turned from w=overcast_to_sunny. One of the highlights of this walk is the sudden emergence among the trees of the church in Okewood. After lunch in the always attractive Scarlett Arms two walked ahead and were not seen again. The rest had tea and desserts in the Sussex Oak. 3 walked on to Horsham via the Warnham Wildlife Reserve.