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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Saturday Second Walk - Hills, views and villages in the Chilterns

Book 1, walk 5 - Great Missenden to Amersham
Length: 16.3km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.42 train from Marylebone to Great Missenden, arriving 10.23

Buy a day return to Great Missenden, though if you want the option of using the Underground to return from Amersham, buy a zone 1-9 (yes nine) travelcard, with a day return from there to Great Missenden. You can get a discount on this with a Network Card if you can find a tube station ticket office open to sell it to you (not available from tube ticket machines).

For walk directions, click here.

The weather has decided to be autumnal, so I have decided to enter into the spirit with a Chilterns walk. Though actually this is also a perfectly pleasant walk on a sunny summers day too, having little woodland, lots of open views, and numerous pubs to stop at en route. It is rather a pity it normally gets confined to muddy winter, in fact.

The usual lunch stop is after 9.5km/5.6 miles in Penn Street where last time we looked you had a choice of two pubs. But Little Missenden after 5.5km (3 miles) also has two ancient hostelries, so if you are feeling lazy you could stop there.

Old Amersham has various tea options, of which the best is Seasons Cafe Deli if you can squeeze into it. Otherwise various ancient pubs in this attractive old coaching town can accommodate you.

It is about 20 minutes walk up the hill from Old Amersham to Amersham station, from where trains back to Marylebone, taking 39 minutes, go at 26 and 56 past the hour. Or you can take Metropolitan Line trains at 16 and 46 past, taking 49 minutes to Baker Street, but your Great Missenden return will not be valid on these.


Walker said...

N=10 on this walk, w=Disappointingly-cloudy with sun only breaking through at 4.30pm when we were getting on the train home. A pleasant if unspectacular walk in the Chilterns - nice to do it when it is not beset with winter mud.

The Squirrel was having a "family fun day" so the six of us who were pub-lunching went to the nearby Hit and Miss instead. A nice cosy pub with friendly staff, but interestingly some complained the menu was too creative - "No pub classics", "I was hoping for fish and chips".

We got to Amersham rather too early at 3.30pm where some found the cakes too expensive and others thought them delicious. Then the unusual experience for this walk (which is normally done in deepest winter) of doing the walk up the hill to the station in the daylight and seeing the fine view back over Old Amersham. Sunshine and snoozing on the train back to the Smoke.

Walker said...

A plug for the wonderful cafe opposite Marylebone station. Fabulous breakfasts served at lightning speed. Try it next time you do a Chilterns walk!