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Friday, 14 August 2015

Weymouth Weekend

Sylvia and a few others from the recently Scottish trip are making a trip to Weymouth from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 August, and everyone (including non Scottish trip people) are welcome to join. The idea is to do walks on Portland Bill and the coast path, and have some swims from Weymouth's sandy beach.

Some cheap advance rail tickets are available (cheapest £19.40 single currently). Sylvia is staying at The Regency House on the esplanade (ie seafront), which is now full, but there are lots of other bed and breakfasts in the vicinity.

For more info email sylviacumminsATaolDOTcom


Chris L said...

Lindsey & Chris are booked at the Crown Hotel overlooking the harbour. Advance rail tickets on certain trains are £12.80 single if you have a railcard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris I am interested in heading for Dorset that weekend.

Pia said...

The Dorset Coast is simply glorious at the moment and with the £20 return fares an affordable treat albeit an exhausting one. Walked from Swanage to Kingson yesterday, swimming at Dancing Ledge, after a 2 hr train trip followed by 2 hours on an open topped coastal cruiser bus ride from Bournemouth to Swanage; travel madness but beautiful and very enjoyable. so I am keen to stay put for a weekend and will join you in Weymouth.

Anonymous said...

Could you post the itinerary so that we can join you for the day with the £20 offer? Thanks.

Sean said...

N=16 walkers had W=mostly-fine weather for this well-organised weekend away. The six who got there in time for a Friday afternoon walk to Portland had the worst of it; when the rain didn't clear away as promised half decided that the view from the top deck of a bus offered a more satisfying experience.

All 16 took the X43 bus to Lulworth Cove for Saturday's walk. This was a punishing stretch along the Coast Path back to Weymouth, with three strenuous hours of walking before the welcome sight of the Smugglers Inn and the prospect of a much easier afternoon. I'm told that several dipped their toes in the water at the end. Most then revived themselves at the Ship Inn before heading to a pre-booked Enzo's Ristorante at 9pm, which had been able to squeeze us in for a fine Italian meal to round off the day.

The group split on Sunday, with 6 opting for a pub-free walk from Dorchester to Abbotsbury. The remainder took what was billed as a short Abbotsbury Circular but with general consent was extended further along the coast to West Bexington, where most grazed at a seaside café but one had the appetite for a full Sunday roast at the classy Manor Hotel. The hourly X53 buses efficiently returned us all to Weymouth.

Many thanks to Sylvia for organising the trip, and to those who brought maps to help with the walks. From now on, any SWC walk where the tearoom fails to provide Dorset apple cake with clotted cream will be severely marked down!