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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Walk 2 – Ambling through Hertfordshire

Extra Walk  69 Welwyn circular

17km (10.6m); toughness 2/10

Trains: London Kings Cross10.05 (Finsbury Park 10.11) Welwyn Garden City 10.31

Fast return trains from Welwyn Garden City at xx:52 and slower stopping trains at xx:29 and xx:59.

A gentle amble through attractive Hertfordshire countryside including the landscaped parkland of Brocket Hall and Lamer House.

See here for further information about the walk and the lunch and refreshment options.


Anonymous said...

Welwyn Circular Sunday 24/5/15

I was apparently the only person to choose this walk, which turned out to be something of a Blytonesque adventure although sadly lacking Timmy the dog for company. The challenges arose from the directions seemingly dating back to 2009 (?). Fortunately I was reasonably well prepared with map, compass, all weather gear and compo rations. If the poster would like to leave contact details I can forward more details of the updates which might be advantageous. In summary, all the wooden stiles/posts/kissing gates have been removed and most, but not all, replaced with metal kissing gates and particular care was needed at the following points (1) if not lunching at Wheathamstead be careful not to take the indistinct right fork at the first kissing gate otherwise you will come out too far to the east on the former railway track (2) the path through Lamer Park has been diverted so that it is no longer possible to take the former path past the summerhouse. The diversion is not marked but you need to take the left path at what is now a T junction (3) after leaving the lane beyond the Brocket Arms you need to be careful not to turn off too soon to go down the right hand side of the (third) field otherwise you will come out too early at Hill farm (4) the estate formerly known as Ayton Place has changed its name to something impressive beginning with ‘M’. The gatehouse to the left has a small plaque with the former name (5) the ‘black gated driveway entrance’ to the house beyond the small green has gone. Take the footpath to the left of the house (there is also one to the right). The walk was a lovely mix of woodland, open fields and parkland – it just took rather longer than anticipated!

Andrew said...