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Monday, 8 August 2022

ABBA Voyage Concert

From 'Thank You for the Music' to ABBA's latest release 'Don't Shut Me Down' ....... this event needs no introduction.  For ABBA fans, this is a dream come true after 40 years of waiting. Tickets are on sale from September 7. 

Book August 8, 2022 at 7:45pm.   To book, please click here.  You can also view a short video from ABBA about the making of the Voyage album and concert with this link. 

Pre-concert meeting details will be posted near the time.  


Anonymous said...

Super Troupers:
Knowing me, knowing you then if you change your mind for the Voyage kind take a chance on SWC and fork out the Money Money £50+ (Mamma Mia!) and thank them for the Music!

Anonymous said...

5 have booked tickets, Lucilla

Mike A said...

Hi Lucilla, do you have seat numbers or the general area they've booked?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, BL K Row G, I thought you would go for dancing pod. Lucilla

Mike A said...

It was a close call Lucilla, but the dance pod tickets were just a bit above my budget :-)

tartanrug said...

Two Tickets BLK K Row H 13 & 14.