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Sunday, 20 September 2020

Late start: Whitstable Oysters anyone?

SWC 28: Birchington to Whitstable (or Herne Bay) t=swc.28

Distance:         14 miles/23 km to Whitstable OR 8.7 Miles/14 km to Herne Bay

Difficulty:        1 out of 10 

Transport:       Take the 10:27 AM train from London St. Pancras (10:34 Stratford International), arriving at Birchington-on-Sea at 11:54. Return trains from Whitstable are at 49 minutes past the hour and Herne Bay 44 minutes past.

This is an easy walk along the Kent coast with the charming seaside town of Whitstable, famous for its oysters, as the destination. Since the weather has been rather warm and this weekend looks pretty good, I could not help but to squeeze in a final hurrah at the seaside….The tide will be low to start which should offer plenty of bird watching. However, by mid-afternoon high tide should provide for some nice swimming at Herne Bay and/or Whitstable….More information on the walk and the instructions can be found here.

Lunch:  A picnic anywhere along the route or King Ethlebert Inn in Reculver (5 miles/8km from the start).

Tea: Plenty of options in Whitstable and Herne Bay with Mackari’s (in the bandstand) being recommended in Herne Bay.

Enjoy the walk!


Gavin said...

I'm going. Staying in Margate night before, so I don't miss the train.

Stargazer said...

9 emerged from the "party train" at Birchington...most revelers having previously alighting at Whitstable (who would have thought it apparently a destination for birthdays and hen dos)....On the seafront, three more early arrivals were found, followed by yet another who had spent the night in the area...making for n=13 in w=perfect-bright-and-breezy-autumnal-conditions....Some picnicked at Reculver and others dined and drank at the pub...Some headed home at Herne Bay; 4 went for a swim in the lively sea; and others headed direct to Whitstable....not entirely sure what each of the various groups did...but after enjoying a very pleasant dip in the sea the swimmers headed onward and enjoyed al fresco drinks and oysters in Whitstable where we encountered 2 others....eventually we caught the 18:49....dashing off along a direct route to the station....only regret being a it would have been lovely to while away the evening....