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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Wednesday Walk Beaconsfield Circular - Gently rolling wooded hills, a Quaker hamlet and Milton's Cottage

To quote Don Everly at the Everly Brothers reunion concert, the Royal Albert Hall, 23 September 1983 (some of us can remember it):

"It's Good to be Back !"

Book 1, Walk 10 - Beaconsfield Circular

Length: 19 km (11.9 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

Meeting point: Outside Beaconsfield Railway Station, north exit, at 11-10 am

If not driving but travelling by train from London Marylebone ;

Marylebone: 10-43 hrs. Banbury service
Arrives Beaconsfield: 11-10 hrs

Return trains: 16-28, 16-38, 17-02, 17-31, 17-38, 17-59, 18-29, 18-45 etc

Depending on our numbers as we assemble into pods of 6 at the start of today's walk, to assist with  social distancing I suggest alternate pods set out to do this walk in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, so please bring both sets of directions with you.

Most of you will be familiar with this walk when undertaken clockwise - I added the backwards directions for the pure hell of it last winter.  Whilst muddy in winter the route today should be firm underfoot in woodland and open sectors. For a full description of the delights and sights on this walk please refer to the written directions.

Lunch today can be taken in the village of Chalfont St Giles,  at mid-point in the walk, where pubs and eateries might be open and serving food. The regular watering hole for this walk is Merlins Cave, which can be either good or awful. Last New Year's Day the pub badly let me down (and our New Year's Day walkers) which I have not forgiven them for, although on my two previous visits that winter when I was writing up the backwards notes the pub could not have been better, with food, drink and hospitality.  If "Pod Captain's" wish to book ahead the pub's number is  01494-875101. Close to the pub is a very good Deli for those wishing to purchase picnic provisions.

Back in Beaconsfield having - I hope - enjoyed a good afternoon's walk - the recommended tea stop is the cosy La Cape, by the bridge over the railway.
Enjoy - and again, welcome back !
Walk Directions are here: L=1.10


Anonymous said...

Marcus said...

Before attending today's walk please read the restart rules. If you are not prepared to share contact information with others in your pod of six, then I regret you will not be permitted to participate in what is a SWC walk. You can walk alone, if you wish, socially distant from SWC walkers, but better still, stay at home.

Marcus said...

A case of quality not quantity today. Separating into pods of six was not difficult, given we mustered only n=3 for the re-start of SWC mid-week walks. I was expecting 18 plus. Either our regulars were girding their loins in preparation for the Brecon trip, or - and more likely - our Wednesday Renegades were at it again. Request on behalf of all SWC walk posters - the Renegades desist and return to the SWC fold.
Travelling today was safe and a doddle. Two of us opted to use public transport, some ninety minutes after the end of morning rush hour. We were probably the only fare paying passengers on an otherwise near empty train. Hopefully, even our sanctimonious Anonymous poster would not have been too ashamed at our modest support of Chiltern trains loss making service.
Back to the walk. Having joined walker No 3 who had driven to Beaconsfield and parked near the railway station, we set off in the clockwise (main) direction, on an w=overcast-dull-slightly-humid-day, which improved a little cum the afternoon. Rain threatened on a few occasions - it might have cleared the muggy air - but it remained dry for the duration of our walk - so no complaints. One of us adopted a more leisurely pace than the remaining two, who were far from fast - we met up at Merlins Cave, where we all enjoyed a pint, and one had a light lunch. The pub managed Covid space distancing very well: there were a good number of diners, all safely distanced apart, and enjoying what looked like excellent meals - good to see this pub's return to form.
The afternoon leg today was uneventful and enjoyable, for the two of us who set off before our relaxed pace walker. I hope he likewise enjoyed his afternoon.
Arriving back in Beaconsfield just after the Cape had closed, we opted not to seek an alternative tea stop but to call it a day and return home - me on the train (again, near empty), my companion by car.
It was good to be back - just a bit of a shame our regulars gave us a wide berth.

Anonymous said...

I blame the parents.

Marion said...

Just to reassure you Marcus i was on holiday in Swanage and Sandbanks so unable to attend this walk. Will look forward to seeing you in the Balcombe walk next week. Marion