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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Suggest a walk

We have two posted walks for today now, but there is no reason there should not be a third (in the current circumstances, we are aiming to walk in groups of no more than six, after all...)

So if anyone wants to use the comments below to share a walk they plan to do, feel free. Suggestions from named people only, please (no anonymouses) and please suggest a walk you plan to do yourself and provide train times and other relevant details.


Bridie2 said...

SWC 184 Bentley to Farnham

Last minute decision to do this lovely walk tomorrow as Southeastern Trains won't let me go to Hastings.

The full version is about 16 miles, shortcuts and buses are available.

Trains from Waterloo at 9:45 or 10:00 with change in Woking to catch the 10:31 to Bentley (the 10:00 only gives you 5 mins to make the change)

Trains back from Farnham hourly at xx:28 and occasional extras at 16:04, 18:04, 20:04

The start time of this walk is designed for a picnic on the heath, with a mid afternoon stop at the Barley Mow, Tilford

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say - start time at Bentley is11:01

Bridie2 said...

n=5 on this walk. A w=sunny day, the beach at Frensham Ponds was packed, but we left the crowds behind once we headed out into the heathlands. This felt wonderfully remote, but wasn't quite as empty of people as it seemed - up on Kettlebury Hill a party of armed soldiers were hiding camouflaged in the bushes, clutching their own walking instructions. We escaped out via the Lion's Mouth and arrived suddenly to a cricket match at Tilford village green and the refreshing pub garden of the Barley Mow. There was a doomed attempt by 2 of us to catch the 18:28, followed by a happy reunion with the rest of the party for the 19:28.