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Saturday, 27 June 2020

Saturday Walk: A Swim at Seaford?

SWC Walk 314: Seaford Circular T=SWC.314

Distance:  15.6 Miles or 25 km for those more metrically minded

Difficulty:  7 out of 10

Meet:  10:50 AM in front of the Seaford rail station (on public transport, the 9:24 Eastbourne train from London Victoria stopping at CJ 9:30 and EC at 9:40 should do the trick).

This walk explores routes through the South Downs not frequented on other walks – so hopefully not too busy….The walk can be done  either clockwise (recommended if interested in late afternoon diversion to Cuckmere Haven for a swim) or anticlockwise… The walk is somewhat “instruction-lite” so is best done with the aid of a map/GPX route…More information and some basic instructions and GPS route can be found here.

Bring a picnic – usually lunch is in Alfriston…which may have some shops/pubs open for take away (but don’t count on it).  Seaford has a range of shops for post walk refreshies and possible fish and chips on the seafront…

Welcome back and enjoy the walk!

1 comment:

Stargazer said...

A Tale of Two was the windiest of times and the wettest of times, it was a time of sunny picnics in a village green and a time of dramatically rolling seas...

It was quite a day out for the 10 assembled outside the station in Seaford in w=light-drizzle-followed-by-everything-else. One set off anti-clockwise, while the rest, most hoping for a swim, set of clockwise, meeting 2 others along the sea wall for a total of n=12. The larger clockwise group set of in twoish groups, but occasionally crossed paths at first before naturally breaking up properly across the downs....And, boy what a trip across the downs it was...very atmospheric if not drenchingly wet with fierce winds....for any who missed out on Scotland this year....perfect conditions...fortunately very easy route to navigate...

Clear and sunny skies arrived in time for our al fresco lunch in the village green in Alfriston...allowing most to dry out various bits of clothing that had become sodden...Setting off in the bright sun, hopes were sill high for a swim at Cuckmere....but, these were sadly dashed by the great rolling after a "tea break" watching the sea drama we set off over Seaford Head battling a mighty headwind....Back in Seaford, we enjoyed some fish and chips from Trawlers before catching the 19:25....

Ps: on the final stretch into Seaford we encountered another SWC regular who had done a modified walk in the area...