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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Saturday Walk Arundel Grande Circular (with shorter options)

Book 1 Walk 32 plus Book 2 walk 22 makes for an Arundel Grande

Distance:  Something for everyone…..the proposed distance is about 15 miles/24 km. However, you could do the book 1 walk as written (11.7 miles with various options to shorten) or for late starters, you could plan to arrive in Amberley about 12:30ish and do the afternoon leg of 9 miles….

Difficulty:  3-5 out of 10, depending on route taken….

Meet:  11:00 AM in Arundel Station car park (by public transport, the 9:35 Bognor Regis train from London Victoria (stopping CJ 9:42 and EC 9:53) should do the trick)

I have been dreaming of a Grand Arundel circular for some time…..combining parts of our existing fine repertoire in the area….The idea is start with Book 1 Walk 32 on its route through Arundel and Arundel Park which you follow to point 24 where you take the short cut and turn left towards Houghton Bridge…..then pick up Book 2 walk 22 just outside the Amberley train station. You can find more information about the walk(s) and download the walk instructions here and here.

Technically, you could potentially have a pub lunch in Amberley – the Black Horse in the village (a short diversion from the proposed route) will definitely be open (according to its website). It is unclear if the Bridge Inn (on route) will be open…, best to bring some provisions….Back in Arundel, presumably some hostelries will be open for post walk bevies….If not, there is always the Coop near the station….

Welcome back pubs and enjoy the walk!



Walker said...

This will make an excellent circuit. The downland parts of book 2 walk 22 are particular recommended for wildflower enthusiasts at this time of year

Anonymous said...

Very belatedly picked up the pun in the name. Nice one.

Walker said...

The Bridge Inn will not be open. It looks like the Riverside Tea Rooms will be doing takeaway 10-4pm, though, “unless it rains” (I am quoting the sign on their door).