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Friday, 9 October 2020

Ladybower Trip: to the back of beyond (09-12 October)

Up to 4 days of walking in the Upper Derwent Valley, while avoiding travel on the weekend:

09/10 Friday to 12/10 Monday 
(likely in below order, train and bus times as per the current schedule and prone to update nearer the time)

09/10 Friday – SWC 266c Sheffield to Ladybower Inn via Burbage Rocks and Stanage Edge [09.02 train from St. Pancras, arrives Sheffield 11.00]
10/10 Saturday – SWC 348 Ladybower Inn Circular via Derwent Edge and Strines [10.30 bus line 273 from Sheffield, arrives Ladybower Inn 11.04; rtn buses at 16.30 and 18.45, arriving Sheffield 17.05 and 19.15]; pub lunch at the Strines Inn
11/10 Sunday – SWC 350 Fairholmes Circular via Bleaklow and Derwent Head [09.00 bus line 273 from Sheffield, stops Ladybower Inn 09.25, arrives Fairholmes 09.32; rtn bus at 18.34, arrives Sheffield 19.11]
12/10 Monday – SWC 349 Ladybower Inn Circular via Alport Castles and Derwent Reservoirs or Win Hill [08.00 bus line 274 from Sheffield, arrives Ladybower Inn 08.34; rtn buses at 16.30 and 18.45, arriving Sheffield 17.05 and 19.15]; the Win Hill variant can be finished at Bamford station to catch a train to London there. 

-      with a car: stay anywhere in the area;
-      while relying on buses: Ladybower Inn, Yorkshire Bridge Inn (10 mins walk away), in Sheffield or anywhere along bus routes 273/274 between Sheffield and Ladybower, but not in the Hope Valley.

The walk’s start times will be based on the 273/274 buses from Sheffield having arrived at Ladybower/Fairholmes respectively.


Thomas G said...

walks now posted, as Advance train tickets have gone on sale.
bus times are preliminary at this point, the walk posts will get updated nearer the time. for the return train on Monday, based on the bus times showing now, the 19.02 would be the first train back you can catch, but should the bus time slip, then the 19.29 would be the first connection back to London.

Hope said...

Anyone up for shorter, slower variations? I might join you from Manchester!
07930 279631

Anonymous said...

hello Hope! long time no see.. definitely maybe on that

Mimi said...

Hi, would I need to register somewhere if I would like to join this holiday? Thank you.

Thomas G said...

Hi. No you don't. Just book accommodation and travel as laid out in the post and be there at the start of the walk. As per the current Covid rules and laws, this trip will take place. But, of course, the laws might get tightened...