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Friday, 14 August 2020

The Hope Valley Revisited (14-17 August) [Updated again 13/07/20]

Up to 4 days of walking in the Hope Valley, while avoiding travel on the weekend:

14/08 Friday to 17/08 Monday (in a to-be-decided order) – new walks SWC 343 Hope to Hathersage or Bamford via Castleton and SWC 360 Hathersage to Bamford via Bamford and Hordron Edges plus two other walks from the previously tried and tested ones.

-      stay anywhere along the Hope Valley Line, from Sheffield in the East to New Mills in the West (via Grindleford, Hathersage, Bamford, Hope, Edale, Chinley).

The walk’s start times will be based on the trains from both directions having arrived.
The Friday walk will start in line with the arrival of the connecting train off the 09.02 from London.

Update 11/07/20
The likely walk sequence:
Mon 17/08 SWC 343 Hope to Hathersage or Bamford via Castleton
Second update 13/07/20
Walks now posted, albeit in different order than stated above to have a circular walk on the Sunday when the train service is halved. Advance tickets to/from Sheffield available, see the Friday and Monday posts for details.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Will you be able to get from Hathersage to all the walks on public transport. Thank you very much.

Thomas G said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you muchly. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Just wondered where people are staying pls? surely not YHAs..

Thomas G said...

Hostels are still closed until further notice, otherwise some would stay there. Which leaves: B&Bs, Guesthouses, Hotels, AirBnB's....
Try to book with free cancellation in case this trip needs to be cancelled (ie if the Brecon Trip shows that SWC folk are incapable or unwilling to follow Covid Rules).

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Gavin said...

Interested in this, Gavin

Gavin said...

I've booked into little John from Thursday to Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hi I’m staying in a B & B in Hathersage near the junction of station road with the main road. I will have my car there so if anyone is arriving at Hathersage on the Friday and would like to leave their bag in the car boot, let me know. I’ll meet the group at the station anyway.
Judith H.

Barbara said...

Hi, It might too late, but I am thinking to go this holiday. Did anyone book an accomodation recently? Where about? many thx for your help.

Or I'm just wondering if anyone wants to share a room with me, I am COVID free, regularly tested.



Thomas G said...

Hi, Barbara.
I just checked (I'm not suggesting you haven't done that yourself). I would recommend considering the plenty of rooms that are showing in Sheffield (which is a nice place to stay and all the walks' start times are linked to the train arriving from Sheffield and the walking time from most places in Sheffield to the train station is quite managable). In Hathersage it looks difficult: The George is showing avails on Friday and Sunday but not Saturday (call them to see whether that is the full truth); the Millstone Inn shows a room for Sat though....(ie you'd have to change places twice)...
Best of Luck, Thomas

Carol said...

Hello all
If a female is wanting to go on the Hope trip this coming but having trouble finding accommodation this w/end there is a space sharing with one other at YHA Castleton.Do make contact if this ould help.

Donal said...

I am staying in the Jury’s Inn in Sheffield for four nights from Thursday to Monday. It is reasonably priced and I am sure they still have vacancies. Regards Donal

Thomas G said...

If you have followed the weather forecast for Hathersage for the coming weekend, you will have noticed that it has recently improved substantially, so much so that the BBC is now showing 3 out of 4 days as dry (while Accuweather is still showing thunderstorms every day). The Motuntain Weather Information Service also still talks about localised (and difficult to forecast) thunderstorms and downpours. I think it would be very unwise to travel without your best waterproofs.

Thomas G said...

An update from the coalface of SWC recce walking (ie Hathersage): the greens are very green, the heather is in good nick (more dark purple than bright oranges), the bilberries are still a bit sour, the paths that ought to be muddy aren't, but the brooks are bubbling nonetheless, the higher tops (ie Kinder) were shrouded in mist.

Tim said...

Hi all
I saw this yesterday afternoon and it looked great so im now on train up from London. Hope it's ok me tagging along!
It would be really handy if I can leave my bag in someone's car in hathersage
Thanks and see you all soon

Thomas G said...

All in: no injuries, 4 good walks, extreme luck with the weather (vs the forecast), extreme luck with the sequenceing of the walk's, as we had the one that depended least on the views on the day with the lowest clouds and only rain. 10/10 for luck! No travel issues. Very fine company.

Tim said...

Thanks Thomas for all your help researching and leading those walks. Judith showed me how to download routes onto smart phone OS app so next time I’ll have more of a clue! Good to walk with you all hopefully see you again