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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Sunday Walk - Bruton (Somerset) Circular via Stourhead [Updated 20/03/20]

Update 20/03/20: If you have booked Advance train tickets for this walk: Great Western Railway have today relaxed their rules and are now saying "You can also amend Advance tickets to an alternative future date without having to pay an admin fee". A re-scheduling of this walk to a later date would therefore be an option, should government advice nearer the time suggest that restrictions on movements will be relaxed later in the year. T=swc.342

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pia rainey said...

Be careful when you are buying rail tickets now and try to change dates on existing advance singles as part of a return ticket. I had bought a return with two different tickets: one off peak single [out for £50] and one advance single [return for £35] to Glasgow and back for a now cancelled HF holiday. The off peak single is refundable but the advance single is not. You cannot change this combined ticket online so have to ring. Also, if you cancel one ticket, they will cancel both, so you are left with nothing.

It started with being no 98 on the waiting list. It then proceeded even stranger once I spoke to an operator. He said he could refund me the the advance single , since I was such a good customer, provided I bought another off peak refundable single for a min of £22 but he would/could not say how much. He was then going to refund all three tickets (the off peak single at £50, the advance single at 335 and the newly bought off peak single for an unknown price. I said I did not trust it (implying him) and gracefully thanked him for the offer. I wonder wether he was being honest and super helpful or running a scam on the back of In the end I took my refund for the off peak single of £50 and cut my loss on advance single of £35. Even changing the date on that one to a May date would hardly be helpful because single tickets tend to be as expensive as returns with no special deals. I am also not sure if the SWC is running in May so it seems better to start a new return all over with a totally refundable fare rather than a non-refundable one.
A cautionary tale.