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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Rare opportunity to Explore the seldomly visited Ash Ranges

SWC Walk 96:  Ash Vale Circular – starting in Ash, finishing in either Ash Vale or Ash t=swc.96.c

Length: 16 Miles or 28.3 km for those more metrically minded to make the full circuit back to Ash or 14 Miles (22.5 km) if opting to finish in Ash Vale with further options to shorten described in the walk notes

Difficulty:  5 out of 10

Train:  Take the 9:30 AM South Western Guildford bound train from London Waterloo arriving in Ash at 10:33 (changing in Guildford, arriving 10:06; departing 10:23).  Return trains from Ash are at 17:47; 18:03; 18:47; 19:17; 19:47; 20:03; 20:17; 20:47; 21:17 and 21:47 and from Ash Vale 09 and 39 past the hour until 22:09. Buy a day return to Ash or Ash Vale.

This walk suffers from a lack of posting….largely, I believe, due to the complication of passing through a frequently used firing range….However, we are in luck today….according to the relevant MOD website….no firing should be taking place today on the Ash Ranges through which this walk goes….so a perfect day to explore the seldomly visited area…..In addition to the exploring the new, this walk takes in some old familiar territory along an enjoyable stretch of the North Downs….I am suggesting that we start in Ash (as opposed to Ash Vale), such that we can end the walk along the canal stretch with the option of having post (or near post) walk refreshments at the canal-side Swan Inn… More information and the walk instructions can be found here.

The recommended lunch stop is the Good Intent (01483 810 387) in Puttenham which is under new management with the Jolly Farmer, as an alternative, a little further on in Puttenham (both about 6.5 miles/11 km into the walk – starting in Ash). The suggested tea stop is the Swan Inn on the canal towards the end of the walk….

Enjoy the walk!

1 comment:

Stargazer said...

9 gathered on the platform in Ash for this interesting and varied outing. The walk unfolds slowly -- then picks up after crossing the hogs back...with a scenic stretch of the NDW and some fine views. Approaching the lunch pub, we were joined by one late starter walking an alternate route from Wanborough and another who had started in Ash Vale also met us at the lunch pub, making a total of n=11. I think about 8 enjoyed lunch at the Good Intent -- under new management -- and seemed happy with their meals produced by friendly and welcoming staff....After lunch we continued along the NDW for a spell before heading off into seldom explored territory (parts of which were rather waterlogged)...where the group fractured a bit....The Ash Ranges were opened as promised and were an expansive heathery heathland atop a plateau with fine views (would be nice to see in August)...Three caught the train in Ash Vale, three walked direct to Ash and had drinks at the Lion Brewery (400 meters from the station) and five reconnected and had a drink at the Swan after which one went to Ash and the others, a bit later, back to Ash Vale along the canal. Aside from being slightly vague at the end, the instructions worked -- though the GPX has some discrepancies...All in all, an interesting and fun day in w=mild-partly-cloudy-partly-sunny-conditions.