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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Hever to Tonbridge

t=SWC.345 Length: 16km (10m)
Toughness: 2 / 10
Transport: Take the 10:07 from London Bridge, arriving in Hever at 10:49. There are many trains from Tonbridge back to London Victoria or Charing Cross. Since start and end stations are on different lines the walk author suggests to buy a day return to Leigh which can be reach via either station.

A walk through familiar SWC territory in the Eden valley. Lunch is in Penshurst and the walk ends with a section along the river Medway into Tonbridge.


Sean said...

If there is further rain this week it would be advisable to check for flood warnings. When the Leigh Flood Relief Barrier is raised large areas of land around Penshurst, Leigh and Tonbridge are deliberately flooded to protect Tonbridge and other towns downstream on the River Medway.

Anonymous said...

Is there an update on the fluid situation for this walk, or let us know how to check this? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You can check it by clicking on the flood warning link that. Sean provided in his comment below.

Sean said...

There was a flood alert at the beginning of the week but it's gone now. Last Saturday the Tonbridge walkers reported that the Racecourse Ground at the end of the walk was partly flooded and I'd expect the ground to get quite waterlogged towards the end, but probably not impassable.

A minor issue is that trains still aren't running on the Redhill-Tonbridge line at weekends because of a serious landslip at Godstone. That doesn't affect the out-and-back trains for this walk, but if you want to shorten it by diverting to Penshurst or Leigh as suggested in the text, you'll have to take a replacement bus.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried to buy a return to Leigh, but I couldn't find any train. Can you please tell me what train ticket to buy? Thank you

Sean said...

The reason for suggesting a return to Leigh (Kent) is in the walk's introduction and too tedious to repeat here. You're not travelling to Leigh so it doesn't matter that there's a bus replacement service on Saturday.

If you want a simple life, buy a single to Hever on the way out and a single from Tonbridge on the way back. But it will be more expensive.

MoonBrain said...

n=13, 11 at the station, joined by 2 at lunch stop who walked from Tonbridge and walked back with us.