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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Balcombe Circular via Ardingly

Balcombe Circular via Ardingly T=swc.174

Length: 16¼ km (10.1 miles). Four hours walking time. 5 out of 10

This is a variant of a walk from Haywards Heath: "much of its outward route has been taken from Walk 1–16 and the “Summer Walk” part of Walk #22."

Trains: The 1004 Thameslink Brighton train from London Bridge (St Pancras 0950 East Croydon 1018) arriving 1046. The fare is £12.90 so no network railcard discount. Note that the fare from Clapham Junction on the 1002 (change at East Croydon) is more expensive, so you will need your railcard. Return trains are xx52 & xx22

Lunch:  the Ardingly Inn (01444-892214) in the centre of the village, serves food to 2pm.  Also the Ardingly Café  and the village bakery.

Tea: The suggested tea place is the popular Balcombe Tea Rooms (01444-811777; open to 4pm, (may stay open later if called in advance). The alternative is the nearby Half Moon Inn, a community pub which serves tea and coffee all day as well as stronger fare. The station is a 7-8 minute walk along roads from the centre of Balcombe; longer if you take one of the nicer routes to end the walk.


PeteG said...

5 off the train for an enjoyable morning section with the rain holding off and manageable mud. We were joined halfway through by our friend from Sevenoaks, so n=6. Leaving 4 to picnic in the church porch as light rain started, 2 went to the friendly Ardingly Arms, to be joined later by 3 picnickers, with 1 not waiting.

The rain set-in so 2 took a short cut by road back through the village, 1 went exploring & 2 of us decided to do the main walk. Although the rain soon stopped this turned out to be a a boot testing slog across saturated fields & very muddy paths, only improving somewhat when we reached the reservoir. Note to self: a lovely walk for dry conditions only!

Anonymous said...

Explorer returned the short way after picnic lunch straight from the church along the North side of the reservoir. All very muddy underfoot but quite an atmospheric view of the water and sky. Right before reaching Balcombe village there was indeed such a large puddle, which I confidently crossed in my knee high gum boots but to my surprise sank in well over my calves 😬😬. Had my boots been any looser, I would have lost them. A large piece of cake washed down with a pot of hot tea was a well deserved end before catching the 2.50pm back to London. Sporty day out. Never call us the Fair Weather Club again.