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Friday, 25 September 2020

September in Snowdonia (25-28 September)

As a first, the SWC will be making a long weekend excursion to Snowdonia, North Wales. The weekend will be based in Beddgelert, a charming village in the shadow of Snowdon with immediate access to some interesting hills. The routes will be map-led and as with the Scottish trips one needs to come prepared for high mountain terrain and the risks associated with it.

Beddgelert is accessible by public transportation -- train to Bangor and bus. Accommodation in the village is available in various pubs, B&Bs and self-catering cottages. For further information, please contact goepfertkarenATyahooDOTcom.


Thomas G said...

As a taster... BBC4 today at 19.30: Iolo's Snowdonia

Thomas G said...

having now seen 3 parts of Iolo's 4-parter of Snowdonia through the Seasons, I find it astonishing that it never seems to rain out there! and yet the streams and waterfalls are gushing... leave your waterproofs at home!