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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Evening Walk: Canary Wharf Winter Lights Revisited

Time:  18:30

Place:  Canary Wharf Jubilee Line DLR-side Entrance/Exit (can be busy -- so congregate to the right side as you exit -- left if facing it)

Duration:  1.5 hours

Difficulty:  None (other than possible crowds)

For any of you who missed the walk this Sunday that ended in Canary Wharf to visit the Winter Lights festival (though it seems hardly anyone did miss it), you have that rare second chance to make amends.....Last year, we found this makes a great evening walk...all on well-lit tarmac footpaths with some interesting light installations along the way....and plenty of refreshment opportunities....I have even noticed one of the suggested "itineraries" includes refreshment breaks!

Looks like the installations include some familiar favorites, as well as, some new pieces.....A map of the route and a description of the installations can be found here.


Mr M Tiger said...

Mr Tiger’s Top 5
Sasha Trees
Neon Tree

Anonymous said...

n=9 walkers. Weather w=fine_and_mild.
Lovely display, agree with Mr Tiger’s Top 5.
Thank you to Karen for posting and leading us on this walk.

Thank you also to the walker who had chocolate for us all.