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Sunday, 29 December 2019

Sunday Walk: Tring Short Circular

Tring Short Circular  12.8 km, 8 miles.
Difficulty: 4/10
A Chilterns walk with trees, views, and an easy journey. We’ll be doing the shorter version that misses out the usual lunch pub in Gaddesden .
Trains Get the 10:01 Crewe train from Euston arriving Tring 10:36. Get a return to Tring.
Return from Tring at xx:14 and xx:35
Lunch: Lunch and tea are close together on this version of the walk. The National Trust's Brownlow Cafe near the Bridgewater Monument comes up first, followed, after your descent into the pretty village of Aldbury, by the Greyhound Inn 01442 851 228 and Valiant Trooper  01442 851 203. You could have lunch on top and ‘tea’ down below or, if you're quick enough, save yourself for one big blowout in the village. The upmarket Greyhound serves food till 2.30, the Trooper, said to be more walker-friendly, serves food till 3.
Directions here
The full walk's a bit long for the time of year, so follow option (a) from point 21.
If you're waddling along like an over-fed turkey, still suffering from Christmas excess, you could shave another kilometre off the walk  by turning round after point 20, pretending you’ve been to Ivinghoe Beacon and going back across the road to pick up the directions at point 68. (This is one of Mr Tiger’s secret cheats – his Christmas present to you. Have your excuses ready, though. "I was there, didn't you see me?" usually shuts them up).
If any hardnuts reckon they can yomp on to Berkhamsted (option b), trains leave there at xx:07, xx:19 and xx:40. Not recommended for the likes of us though, not without see-in-the-dark spectacles.


Mr M Tiger said...

Photographic evidence, gleaned from the internet, suggests there were at least n=4 on this walk.

Anonymous said...

N=9 in w=mostly-bright-sunny-and-cold weather. 7-2 female to male ratio with one newcomer who had motered to Tring. I took MR. Tiger’s advice and skipped the beacon but pressed on to Berkhamsted where I enjoyed a pint in Wetherspoons garden for £1.69