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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Princes Risborough to Great Missenden


Length: 16km (10m)
Toughness: 6 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:43 from London Marylebone, arriving in Princess Risborough at 10:27. Return trains from Great Missenden are at xx:29 and xx:59. Buy a day return to Princes Risborough.

A stroll through pleasant late-autumnal Chilterns countryside with a good mix of fields, woods, hills and mud. In the morning you pass a windmill which is unfortunately closed to the public most of the times. The lunch pub is the cosy The Gate Inn at Byrant's bottom.


Mr M Tiger said...

N=15 on a w=dry-sunny day. Another 2 were spotted walking independently. There was a little mud (well, there would be, wouldn't there) but mostly it was OK with only the occasional mini-quagmire to contend with. A colourful walk, despite a lot of leaves having fallen. Still as pretty as ever. The Gate was fine. Those that ate there seemed to be mainly having pheasant. We could see some on the slope opposite, calling for their friends.
Great Missenden seems to have undergone a renaissance. There are now 3 pubs and 4 teashops on the way to the station. The pubs are the Cross Keys ,The George and what appears to be a new one, the White Lion opposite. In the interests of research, I tried the George. It specialises in real ales and ciders, has a friendly atmosphere, and has been given an olde worlde make over. After sampling the Hobgoblin and Titanic Porter (just halves you understand), that pub has my vote. I didn’t need to try the others. The George also has an 8.4% cider that I foreswore.
As for tearooms, various members of the group were seen sprawled out in Costas and the Stamp (the other two being Matilda’s and the museum cafĂ©).

Pillock said...

Banana brain here managed to take the train on the neighbouring platform, which departed within three minutes of the appointed time. Slight surprise that there seemed to be no other walkers was replaced by greater surprise when Gerrards Cross was announced as the terminus. I therefore followed the walk from Gerrards Cross to Cookham, offering gratitude all the way to be associated with a club that has coverage of the south east large enough to provide instantaneous fall-back options for members as brainless as me.

The Jolly Woodman pub gave a warm welcome and prompt good value food. It deserves more support than it was enjoying.

Whether you think that I should be counted as a sixteenth walker to Great Missenden depends on whether you reckon the tally should recognise those who intended to come and make the effort to get there, or just those who actually showed up.

Mr M Tiger said...

I don't know. Pillock. Maybe we should give you the benefit of the doubt. Just this once. Don't let it happen again. n=16