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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Saturday Walk - Beaconsfield Circular

CW1 Walk #7 - Garston to St Albans CW1 Walk #10 - Beaconsfield Circular
Length: 19km (11.9 miles).
Toughness 4/10.

Catch the 09:43 train from London Marylebone, arrives Beaconsfield 10:12.

Return: xx:03 xx:36

Note: Proposed Garston to St Albans walk postponed due to RMT industrial action. T=1.10

1 comment:

Bill S said...

Just n=3 on this walk. We carelessly lost touch with one of our number just before lunch when he (or we) explored an alternative route, though I met him again briefly as we were both leaving Chalfont St Giles after lunch (his taken in the White Horse and mine in the Deli, supplemented by olive focaccia from a bread stall in the small market on the village green). By that time I had parted company with the other member of our group, I having decided at the outset to walk home from Chalfont St Giles to Chorleywood whilst she was planning to continue on to Seer Green and catch the train back to Marylebone from there.

A fair bit of squelchy mud underfoot, but nothing too onerous. Some decent colour, though a fair few trees had shed there leaves, covering the woodland floor with a fine carpet of gold. w=Mainly-overcast-with-some-sunny-spells after lunch.