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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Saturday Walk - Liphook to Haslemere

Length: 15km (9m)
Toughness: 5 /10
Transport: Take the 9:45 from London Waterloo, arriving in Liphook at 11:01. Or take the 10:00 from London Waterloo and change at Haslemere onto the prior train. There are frequent trains back from Haslemere.
This is a lovely autumn walk with a cozy lunch pub. After lunch there is the option to climb up to Temple of the Winds and walk back down to Haslemere via the Black Downs which should add only about 1km to the walk.


Anonymous said...

The 10.00 Haslemere train is showing as cancelled so if you are going you'd need to take the 9.45 to Liphook.

JohnL said...

N=9 W=Windy_but_not_wet, This is one of the best Book 1 walks and really good at this time of year with autumn colour. The weather was much less dramatic than forecast, there was a bit of wind early on but it stayed dry. One or two big trees had come down, possibly over night. The Red Lion was busy at 13:30 but they squeezed us in on two tables, soup of the day was substantial an the sea bass looked good. Hemingway's had a good selection of cakes left when the first four of us arrived. We dis not see the others I think they must have done the longer Temple of the Winds route PM.

sylvia said...

Yes three of us who left the pub a bit later decided to go up to the Temple of the Winds and took the Serpent's Trail/Sussex border path back down to Haslemere, arriving just after 5pm so we missed you at Hemingway's. It is really a most beautiful walk, the woods in the morning are particularly stunning and the colours were in full glory. We also stopped off to look at a bookshop in a shed in the morning, just by the priory, run by a very sweet lady who I think must be happy to see rare visitors. The dog problem mentioned in the comments wasn't an issue, only one springer spaniel who stayed within the garden and did some mild barking. Lovely day out.