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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Saturday Walk - Cowden to Eridge

SWC Walk #3  - Cowden to Eridge
Length: 19.5km (12.1 miles). Toughness 4/10.

Catch the 10:07 train from London Bridge, arrives Cowden 10:53. Buy a day return to Eridge. Return trains: xx:50



DAC said...

Intend going..

Brian said...

n=21 at Cowden, including n=2 waiting for the train, who set off across n=very-muddy,-in- some-places-barely-passable paths to Ashurst under n-bright-sunny-skies. The conditions underfoot then improved markedly to Withyham, where many enjoyed lunch at the Dorset Arms and someone mistook my mud-plastered boots for their mud-plastered but more expensive ones.
The path from Withyham to Eridge was delightfully autumnal (and not so muddy) through sun-dappled woods and across bare fields to Eridge, where some confused walkers set off for a rail replacement bus to Tunbridge Wells, which turned out to be a replacement for the steam train on the Spa Valley heritage line, not the regular Southern service! The rest enjoyed the conviviality of an unusually packed Huntsman before catching the 17:50 to London Bridge. Oh, and I spotted my boots on the platform at Eridge just in time to effect a swift transfer.

Anonymous said...