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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday Walk – The Chess Valley to Chesham

Extra Walk 81 – Chorleywood to Chesham
Length: 16 km (9.9 miles), with shorter options (†). Toughness: 5/10

10:12 Aylesbury train from Marylebone (Harrow-on-the-Hill 10:24), arriving Chorleywood at 10:39.

There are also (slower) tubes from Baker Street to Chorleywood every 15 minutes: the 09:50 gets there at 10:31. If you arrive on a later train/tube, you could do the "Short Cut to Chenies" to catch up.

Returning from Chesham, there are Metropolitan line tubes to Baker Street at xx:27 & xx:57.

Chorleywood is in TfL Zone 7 and Chesham in Zone 9, so buy a Zones 1-9 Travelcard or use your Freedom Pass/Oyster/contactless (and remember to touch out at Chorleywood).

The illustrative photos for this walk show a sodden landscape but that's hardly surprising as this walk has had a long run of winter postings. Let's hope that someone can upload some more cheerful examples after this outing.

The number of possible lunchtime pubs in Chenies has oscillated between one and two but it's recently been reported that the Red Lion has re-opened again, so you can choose between that and the Bedford Arms; Chenies is less than halfway through the walk so you'll get there just after noon. Chesham offers the usual set of tea places plus one that's anything but commonplace, The Drawingroom.

† If you want a shorter afternoon, the Chess Valley Walk takes a more direct route along the valley from Chenies to Chesham. If anyone decides to try following the route in this leaflet, please let us have some feedback about it.

You'll need to download the directions from the Chorleywood to Chesham walk page.

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PeteB said...

The gpx file needs amending ; a random straight line seems to have insinuated itself onto the map.