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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Saturday Walk - Peaceful ramble in the Thame Valley (no, not Thames!)

Thame Circular
Length: 21km (13 miles), or 15.2km (9.4 miles). Toughness: 3/10

10:06 Oxford train from Marylebone arriving at Haddenham & Thame Parkway at 10:40. Then catch a 280 bus at 10:53 from the station forecourt to the centre of Thame, arriving at 11:03. A return ticket may be cheaper than two singles

Return trains are at xx:13 and xx:38, (journey times 54 minutes and 40 minutes respectively). Connecting buses from Thame to the station are at xx:03, xx:33 and xx:53, taking 12 minutes

With the end of British Summer Time approaching, the opportunities for doing longer walks will become limited. This one is a scenic and easy walk north of the Chilterns through fields and quiet villages in the Thame valley on the Oxon/Bucks border. An option to shorten the walk to 15.2km is provided. Another option is to extend the walk in the morning by adding a diversion through Tiddington and Waterstock, adding 3.6km.

The recommended lunch pubs are the Clifden Arms (01844 338429) in Worminghall after 7.4 miles, or The Rising Sun (01844 339238) in Ickford after 8.3 miles. If you choose the short option, the lunch pub is The Old Fisherman (01844 201247) in Shabbington after 5.9 miles.

You will need to download the Walk Directions.


1 comment:

Mr M Tiger said...

Just n=1 on this walk today. Reader, I was that Billy NoMates. (I thought I'd kept it quiet I was going on this one but word must have got out).
Weather was w=blowy-overcast-mostly-but-some-sun-no-rain Did the shortcut so dinner was a quick half in the Old Fisherman. I was at the front of the group today. But also at the back.
As I'm sure you'll agree, I’m a cheery chappy, not given to grumbling … but I have to say that I agree with earlier comments about the second half of this walk.
At first, this involves crossing a stretch of land festooned with multiple electric fences that require unhooking to get through. Some of the many gates had two such hooks on each side, four in all – what for? – Was the only inhabitant (a disinterested horse) a master of escape? Were the velociraptors in hiding? Or was it, implausible as it may sound, to discourage walkers?
This was followed by an endless succession of similar not very interesting fields. This induced an attack of RFS (repetitive field syndrome) in me - where you lose track of which field you do something different in and it’s always the next one anyway. The only excitement in this series was a large field where you can’t see the gap at the other side. It’s been recently planted with no sign of the path so there might be a few less cabbages this winter.