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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Evening Walk: Sunset on Boxhill

SWC:  Boxhill Circular T=1.49

Distance:          7.1 miles or 11.5 km for those more metrically minded 

Difficulty:         6 out of 10

Train:                17:24 Dorking train from London Waterloo, arriving Boxhill at 18:10 – buy a day return to Boxhill &Wetshumble

Return:             Trains from Boxhill are at 21:40, 22:35 and 23:02

I would call this a “transitional shoulder-season” evening walk…starting in daylight, enjoying the sunset from Boxhill (especially on the descent along Juniper Top) followed by a meal in Mickleham and finishing (a short distance) in the dark along a valley path…About 8 of us tried this last year and found that it worked well....arriving at the pub just before dark and making our way easily along a very clear path at the edge of the woods back to Boxhill station. More information about the route can be found here, bring both instructions and map print-out...

Enjoy the walk!


Thomas G said...

the gpx suggests it's 10.4 km only, back along the valley route...?

Stargazer said...

Six off the designated train, including 4 repeat customers from last year's outing and one her very first SWC walk (who was not at all concerned about finishing in the dark....) We set off in w=sunny-warm-conditions-perfect-for-a-sunset-walk and seemed to have Box Hill to ourselves in the lovely evening light with nice views over Dorking and the valley below. We arrived at the west facing Juniper Top just after the sun had set -- but the sky was a deep red providing a great backdrop for a picturesque silhouette of trees on the horizon (really spectacular). We took the route direct to the William IV, arriving just as complete darkness fell (slightly before 8pm). During a convivial evening meal, a 7th who had started later and gone to the Running Horses joined us for a post meal drink and rather jolly jaunt in the dark back to Box Hill through atmospheric woods with some nice stars and a 3/4 moon....So, a total of n=7 on this most enjoyable evening...