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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Sunday Walk - A Cotswold Caper from Kingham to Charlbury

SWC 341:  Kingham to Charlbury Long Walk  (with short option) T=SWC.341

Distance:  21.7 miles or 34.9 km for those more metrically minded – short route available using SWC 246 routing (11 miles/17.6 km)

Difficulty: 4 out of 10 for the long walk; 2 out of 10 for the shorter walk

Train:  Take the 8:48 AM Great Western Hereford train from London Paddington, arriving at Kingham 10:13 AM.  Return trains from Charlbury are at 17:32; 18:36; 19:32; 20:32. Buy a day return to Kingham.

This new walk had its debut on possibly the hottest day of the year (decade?) in June when everyone headed to the sea for a cooling dip…SO, I thought I would give it another shot in cooler conditions as the Cotswold is always lovely in the autumn….Unfortunately, since the days are already getting shorter, an early start is required for the longer route….though just think how good it will feel to maximize the day! For those doing the shorter walk, the 9:48 train would be adequate….

The long walk is largely map led, so print the map or download the GPX!  The shorter route has some more detailed instructions. More information on the long route can be found here and the short route here.

On the long walk, I would suggest having a late lunch at the lovely Swan Inn in Swinbrook (18 km/11 miles). On the short walk, the suggested lunch pub is another Swan Inn in Ascott under Wychwood (5.5 miles/8.8 km into the short walk).

There are various pubs in Charlbury for post walk bevies…

Enjoy the walk!

1 comment:

Stargazer said...

Just n=3 again on this walk, though this time all opted to explore the new longer route under w=initially-very-humid-conditions-becoming-fresher-and-blustery-later. Despite the dire weather forecast, we only really experienced a few heavy mists in the morning -- very similar to a facial and all very good for hydrating the skin....with only one brief, but more serious, downpour just before the Swan Inn in Swinbrook...and what a lunch it was....very enjoyable with good food, wine and company....Nearly two hours later we set off for the second leg of the walk which was very pretty eventually arriving in Charlbury about 19:15, as heavier mist was setting went straight for the 19:32; while 2 went for some post walk bevies and caught the 20:32....