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Monday, 26 August 2019

Bank Holiday Walk - Arundel Circular via Warningcamp Hill, Burpham, South Stoke and Arundel Park

Arundel Circular

Start of  SWC 100 - Arundel and Ambeley walk in the morning, then in afternoon, the reverse of the morning leg of Book 1, Walk 32 - Arundel to Amberley.

Length: 16 km (10 miles)
Toughness: 7 out of 10       One incline in the morning, three steady inclines in the afternoon

Lots of options to mix and match, to lengthen or shorten walk, by ascending the South Downs or not, heading for North Stoke and Amberley instead of returning to Arundel, or returning to Arundel  by a riverside route.

London Victoria: 09-36 hrs   Bognor and Southampton Central service   CJ   09-43   EC 09-53
Train splits at Horsham
Arrive Amberley: 10-57 hrs
Arrive Arundel: 11-01 hrs


Arundel: 13 and 46 mins past the hour
Amberley: 17 mins past the hour

Rail ticket: a day return to Arundel works for both Amberley and Arundel returns.

SWC Wednesday walkers gave this combination a spin last February and it worked well, although I understated the toughness rating - now corrected as above.

In the morning the suggested route after a stretch along the river Arun takes you up Warningcamp Hill - with some delightful views - to the villages of Wepham then Burpham, for an early lunch at the popular and usually very good (but very busy) George Inn - your e.t.a 12-30 pm.  Reserving a table ahead is advised for inside dining - otherwise, take a chance with outside tables.

After lunch the suggested route is to reverse the opening leg of Book1, Walk 32 via South Stoke then Arundel Park, the Duke of Norfolk's modest back garden. On into the town passing Arundel Castle and Arundel Cathedral on  the way. You have a good choice of refreshment stops in town.

Alternative routes:  from Burpham, you can  do the afternoon leg of the Book 1 walk by climbing up onto the South Downs, and making for Amberley, or - on reaching the hamlet of South Stoke, you can head for the hamlet of North Stoke, then Houghton Bridge and on into Amberley: or from South Stoke, take the riverside path back to Arundel via Offham and the Black Rabbit pub.

Whichever route you take - enjoy !
Walk Directions SWC 100 are here: L=swc.100
Book 1, Walk 32 Directions are here

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