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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Ally Pally to Tottenham Hale

With fairly unsettled/unpredictable weather forecast this weekend, here's a short walk with plenty of opportunities to bale out should the weather take a turn for the worst.

Length 9 miles (14 km)
Toughness 2/3 out of 10

Getting there

Catch a Welwyn Garden City train from any of these stations and alight at Alexandra Palace

Moorgate [MOG]         10:28
Old Street [OLD]       10:30
Essex Road [EXR]       10:33
Highbury & Islington   10:36
Drayton Park [DYP]     10:38
Finsbury Park [FPK]    10:42
Harringay [HGY]        10:44
Hornsey [HRN]          10:46

Meet on the platform at Alexandra Palace station at 10:49

Getting back

Catch a tube from Finsbury Park (Victoria Line/National rail) if you leave the walk half way through or Tottenham Hale (also Victoria Line/National Rail) if you complete the walk.


An Oyster card covering your starting zone and zone 3


This is a walk of two halves, so if the weather becomes inclement or if you just want to do a short walk you can bale out half way through at Finsbury Park. 
When you reach the River Lea during the second leg, there are a number of options to traverse the wetlands (see the excellent map on the walk instructions. However, if you would prefer to give the wetlands a miss, you may simply walk up the River Lea towpath. There's a cafe just past Markfield Park (Markfield Park Cafe) which serves teas and cakes if you take this option. 
From there, it's just over 1km to Tottenham Hale station, so about a 15 minute walk to finish off with.



Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if there are toilets at the station please?

Anonymous said... has information about station facilities and it says there are no toilets at this station. However, there will be some when you get to Alexandra Palace at the top of the hill and others at cafés along the route. Most people don't mind hanging about briefly but don't be surprised if some march on ahead - this is a group for independent walkers with no leader and people can choose their own pace.

Unknown said...

I'm just going to meet everyone at Ally Pally at 10.49. Hope that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the toilet information Anonymous

Mike A said...

Yes, lets meet on the platform the train turns up. I suggest by the steps that lead up to the footbridge. Look out for others there (they'll be obvious with rucksacks)
Thanks for the Loo information Anonymous

Anonymous said...

N=13 walkers (2 first timers with us from a meet up posting) in W=fine-weather
I thought that the morning in Alexander Park being park like and then Highgate woods being ‘woods’ was great then lunch in Finsbury Park which served its purpose for most of us. After lunch was a fair bit of street walking, visually stimulating but hard on the feet and then wonderful wetlands
Very enjoyable walk only downside was a dearth / paucity / drouth / lacuna / shortage of cake in the pm but the words hubris, heuristic and thesaurus managed to squeeze themselves into the conversation.
P told me to keep it short and not too boring - I do hope that I lived up to the demand / stipulation
A Non